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Albums by Xploding Plastix

Track length:6:46
Artist: Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802010
Track length:4:44
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802020
Track length:3:50
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802030
A Rogue Friend Is A Wild Beast A Rogue Friend Is A Wild Beast 5:31     Add € 1.50
Track length:5:31
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802040
Track length:5:27
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802050
Track length:5:51
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802060
Track length:5:11
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802070
Track length:4:22
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802080
Track length:5:03
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802090
Track length:5:32
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802100
Track length:4:23
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802110
Track length:5:24
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOMEA0802120

Xploding Plastix has come “home” again, with a two album deal for Beatservice Records!!

Xploding Plastix is consisting of Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen and Jens Petter Nilsen. Their debut was the 7” “Treat Me Mean, I Need The Reputation” in 2000 which was an instant underground hit. It was followed by the debut album ”Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents” in 2001, an album which quickly became a classic, and is still one of the all-time bestselling Norwegian underground electronica albums. A revisited version was later released in the UK by Palm Beats in 2004.

After the debut, Xploding Plastix left Beatservice Records for the Norwegian branch of the major company Sony, and in 2003 they released their second album “The Donca Matic Singalongs”. Both this album and the debut where nominated to the Spellemann award (Norwegian Grammy) as well as the Alarm award (an alternative Norwegian award).

Since then, they have mainly worked with music for short films, film, TV and radio. They have collaborated with the Kronos quartet, commissioned a dance performance in Serbia, released the album “Domestic Engine” with the side-project; Piston Ltd, plus worked with their other side project; The Electones.

In the autumn, they are finally releasing new material. The new album ”Treated Timber Resist Rot” continues the development from ”The Donca Matic Singalong” album, but moves into a more clouded, organic toned down sondscape. However still with a quirky leftfield electronica as the basis, mixed with intricate rhythm structures, melodic themes, and a creative instrumentation.

About Xploding Plastix:

Xploding Plastix is the musical child of Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen. Both based in Oslo, they started making music together somewhere late 98-early 99. After about a year of playing, sampling, programming and focused tune writing; they decided it was time to let the public hear what they'd been up to. This resulted in a 6 track demo late 99. About 22 hours after first shipment, record companies were on the phone, and now 4 months later, 5 out of 6 tracks have been released on various lables.

Xploding Plastix has a very organic sound; throwing saccharine analogue melodies to foreground the acoustic quality; imposing a distinctive live feel. A certain raw edge. An oeuvre of an ear-opener: Zipping and unzipping the beat, a beat-science out-of the ordinary. Emphasizing the flowing warmth and organity of the rhythms. Triggering flailing, skittering, skipping and spinning breaks, makes this pure nigthvision!

Xploding Plastix has a sound like irradiated neon was...