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Label: Sofa
Quality: FLAC 16 bits 44.1kHz
mp3 included
Percussion Music Percussion Music 43:41    
Album only
Track length:43:41
Artist: Ingar Zach
ISRC: NOSFA0416010

«Percussion Music» is Ingar Zach's debut solo release. Over the last couple of years he has developed a personal sound in his instrument, and on this release his arsenal of bells, gongs, drums and motors are accompanied with zither. «Percussion Music» is recorded in a large factory hall, and is one long piece of music consisting of drones and overtones that are carefully developed.

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Liner notes

Here are Ingar Zach's own notes on the solo release:

«This CD is recorded live in an abandoned chocolate factory in Oslo with an amazing acoustic. I would recommend the listener to find one level on their hi-fi (quite loud!!!), and listen through the whole piece without changing the volume level.»

About Ingar Zach:

Ingar Zach, born in Oslo, June 29th 1971, is one of the leading percussionists/improvisers from Norway. He is known for the wide range of sounds in his drum kit and he uses his percussion in a very dynamic but still energetic way. Now living in Madrid, he concentrates on his solo work and his regular ensembles.

He has been dedicated to experimental music and folk music for the last five years and he is now touring and recording with his regular ensembles but in Europe, Canada, USA, South America and Asia.

He founded the Norwegian label for improvised music, SOFA, together with guitar player, Ivar Grydeland in May 2000 and the SILLÓN label in 2005.

Current working ensembles

  • Huntsville with Tonny Kluften & Ivar Grydeland (
  • Laboratory Field with David Stackenäs.
  • No Spaghetti Edition(N), an improvising ensemble consisting of Norwegian and international i...