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Label: Aurora
Quality: FLAC 16 bits 44.1kHz
mp3 included
Drawings 1 Drawings 1 10:38    
Album only
Track length:10:38
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Mark Adderley
ISRC: NOLFA0746010
Wie Schon Leuchtet Der Morgenstern Wie Schon Leuchtet Der Morgenstern 13:28    
Album only
Track length:13:28
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Sven Lyder Kahrs
ISRC: NOLFA0746020
Dal Niente (Interieur Iii) Dal Niente (Interieur Iii) 14:19    
Album only
Track length:14:19
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Helmut Lachenmann
ISRC: NOLFA0746030
Capriccio, Detto L'Ermafrodita Capriccio, Detto L'Ermafrodita 11:05    
Album only
Track length:11:05
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Claudio Ambrosini
ISRC: NOLFA0746040
Par Iv, 1 Aleatory Construction Par Iv, 1 Aleatory Construction 4:37    
Album only
Track length:4:37
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Magne Hegdal
ISRC: NOLFA0746050
Par Iv, Ii Paysage Par Iv, Ii Paysage 7:46    
Album only
Track length:7:46
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Magne Hegdal
ISRC: NOLFA0746060
Sotto Voce Sotto Voce 10:04    
Album only
Track length:10:04
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Eivind Buene
ISRC: NOLFA0746070
+R +R 10:40    
Album only
Track length:10:40
Artist: Rolf Borch
Composer: Roger Redgate
ISRC: NOLFA0746080

Contemporary music for Clarinette.



"This double CD by one of Norway's most talented young interpreters is an abundant collection of new and older repertoire for the clarinet. His beautiful tone and the vitality and freshness of his interpretations make the task of listening through so much solo music a pleasurable one." ... "Borch's playing was playful and brilliant. He took on the task of "drawing sound" in what would be an enviable improvisation. I was completely delighted to encounter his range of sonic capabilities." (Adderly, Drawings 1) ... "Borch is at his best in this piece however, and I must say that Kahrs's piece is a beautiful auditory experience. Borch's ability to malleably bend and twist seamlessly from one register to the next is remarkable. The lyricism of the piece suits him well. Its conception of musical space and the limits of its projection outwardly and inwardly are performed brilliantly." (Kahrs, Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern) ... "The music intersperses itself between not only a dialect of vocal qualities but also modes of discource. One is the more internal and under-voiced mode and the other is more extroverted. Borch times the utterance of each very well. I haven't heard this piece sound better, and I thought that it was one of the highlights of the disc." (Ambrosini, Capriccio detto l'ermafrodita) ... "Borch's malleable tone is at its most elastic in Redgate's piece. Taffy-like jumps between registers feel like bends in space and time versus actual technical feats. Ornaments and less subtle shifts in dynamics and timbral effects all feel effortless. Redgate's devilishly tricky and somewhat unwieldy piece becomes playful and spontaneous in the hands of Mr. Borch." (Redgate, +R) ... "Rolf Borch has provided us, the listener, a rich and comprehensive vision of the instrument and of his own capabilities. Though it is a long disc it does deserve repeated listening, and it is a rewarding and necessary addition to the library of clarinet repertoire. Furthermore it is a distinct achievement for this fabulous young musician."

Alex Waterman, Parergon

“On listening to the music on these Cds one is amazed at what a contemporary clarinettist is capable of!!” … “The music is very free and improvisatory and shows off Borchs vast technique. There are examples of flutter-tounging, glissandi and a jazz-vibrato, wich is used as a contrast to the very pure sound Borch usualy produces.” … “..a brilliantly clever work and superbly performed by Borch.” … “The final track is +R by Roger Redgate and is probably the best piece on the album for displaying Borchs phenomenal technique.” … “Borchs virtuosity is astonishing and his performances must be a delight to watch.”

Lynda Baker, Music We

About Rolf Borch:

Rolf Borch is a clarinettist who specialises in contemporary music. His aim to reach a broad audience, is combined with a profound belief that quality does communicate. Quite simply; good music played as well as possible.


Rolf Borch (1975) was born and grew up in Bergen where his first clarinet teacher was Mogens Leikvoll. Borch later went on to study at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Hans Christian Bræin.

In addition to mastering a broad classical repertoire, Borch has a strong commitment to contemporary music, something that has resulted in over 90 premier performances of works from Norway and abroad. The list of composers with whom he has collaborated is extensive, including such prominent figures as Helmut Lachenmann, Brian Ferneyhough, Helmut Oehring, Nicolaus A. Huber, Kaija Sariaaho and Mathias Spahlinger, the many Norwegian composers on this list include Magne Hegdal, Sven Lyder Kahrs, Jon Øivind Ness, Mark Adderley, Ei...