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Albums by Berit Opheim Versto & Karl Seglem

Draumkvedet Draumkvedet 32:54    
Album only
Track length:32:54
Artist: Berit Opheim Versto & Karl Seglem
Author: Trad.
Performer: Berit Opheim
Karl Seglem
Producer: Karl Seglem
Composer: Trad.
ISRC: NOLCA0978010
Draumkvedet - Ii Draumkvedet - Ii 37:26    
Album only
Track length:37:26
Artist: Berit Opheim Versto & Karl Seglem
Author: Trad.
Performer: Karl Seglem
Berit Opheim Versto
Composer: Trad.
ISRC: NOLCA0978020

Draumkvedet was transcribed by Jørgen Moe and M. B. Landstad in the mid-19th century. Since then it has held a special place in Norwegian and Nordic folk poetry and the kvedar (traditional vocal) tradition, and inspires us again and again to ask the really profound questions about life and death. Draumkvedet is the most central and significant medieval ballad that has been passed down to us. This visionary poem is intriguing, challenging and provocative. Berit Opheim Versto has worked with this medieval ballad for many years, and her fantastic solo performance on the album was recorded at Voss Church.

Karl Seglem was so inspired by this performance that he just had to respond with his ram’s horn and electronics. He has arranged a version for a duo, vocals and ram’s horn, and has orchestrated it with ram’s horn and Hardanger fiddle samples. Berit Opheim Versto introduces something entirely new to the work – using improvisation, among other techniques – and her unique ability to communicate touches all those who are adventurous enough to listen to this ancient tale about Olav Åsteson. He falls asleep on Christmas Eve, and awakens on the thirteenth day of Christmas. He then tells about the dreams he had while asleep: astonishingly powerful, disturbing dreams, both beautiful and ugly – dreams that encompass the entire range of experiences that an insignificant human life can hold.

About Berit Opheim Versto & Karl Seglem:

Berit Opheim is a highly respected and talented singer, and one of the foremost female singers in Norway today. During the past fifteen years she´s been working on many recordings and toured Norway and abroad. She has received several prizes and awards and is a member of different ensembles. Her clear and strong voice and her skills to built further on folk music traditions is in many ways groundbreaking on the national Norwgian music scene.

Music critics have described Karl Seglem as a distinctive, innovative musician and composer. The albums “REIK” and “FEMSTEIN” attracted agreat deal of attention in the Norwegian and international press. Seglem has been called one of Norway’s foremost saxophonists, with an original and distinctive voice and a unique ability to renew himself. He has also made a name for himself abroad as a member of various groups, including Utla. As a musician and composer, and director of the NORCD record company, Seglem produces and releases his own mu...