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Albums by Xploding Plastix

Label: Beatservice
Quality: FLAC 16 bits 44.1kHz
mp3 included
Track length:9:19
Artist: Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOX9X3922201
Ritalin For Four Pedal Steel Guitars Ritalin For Four Pedal Steel Guitars 7:12     Add € 1.50
Track length:7:12
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOX9X3922202
Track length:2:55
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOX9X3922203
Track length:4:07
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOX9X3922204
Track length:4:50
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOX9X3922205
Track length:4:24
Xploding Plastix
ISRC: NOX9X3922206

About Xploding Plastix:

Xploding Plastix is the musical child of Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen. Both based in Oslo, they started making music together somewhere late 98-early 99. After about a year of playing, sampling, programming and focused tune writing; they decided it was time to let the public hear what they'd been up to. This resulted in a 6 track demo late 99. About 22 hours after first shipment, record companies were on the phone, and now 4 months later, 5 out of 6 tracks have been released on various lables.

Xploding Plastix has a very organic sound; throwing saccharine analogue melodies to foreground the acoustic quality; imposing a distinctive live feel. A certain raw edge. An oeuvre of an ear-opener: Zipping and unzipping the beat, a beat-science out-of the ordinary. Emphasizing the flowing warmth and organity of the rhythms. Triggering flailing, skittering, skipping and spinning breaks, makes this pure nigthvision!

Xploding Plastix has a sound like irradiated neon was...