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Label: ECM
Quality: FLAC 16 bits 44.1kHz
mp3 included
Gula Gula Gula Gula 5:59    
Album only
Track length:5:59
ISRC: DEB339041901
Part 1 [Molde Canticle] Part 1 [Molde Canticle] 5:16    
Album only
Track length:5:16
ISRC: DEB339041902
Part 2 [Molde Canticle] Part 2 [Molde Canticle] 5:47    
Album only
Track length:5:47
ISRC: DEB339041903
Part 3 [Molde Canticle] Part 3 [Molde Canticle] 9:58    
Album only
Track length:9:58
ISRC: DEB339041904
Part 4 [Molde Canticle] Part 4 [Molde Canticle] 5:14    
Album only
Track length:5:14
ISRC: DEB339041905
Part 5 [Molde Canticle] Part 5 [Molde Canticle] 6:11    
Album only
Track length:6:11
ISRC: DEB339041906
His Eyes Were Suns His Eyes Were Suns 6:09    
Album only
Track length:6:09
ISRC: DEB339041907
I Took Up The Runes I Took Up The Runes 5:28    
Album only
Track length:5:28
ISRC: DEB339041908
Buena Hora, Buenos Vientos Buena Hora, Buenos Vientos 9:04    
Album only
Track length:9:04
ISRC: DEB339041909
Rahkki Sruvvis Rahkki Sruvvis 2:26    
Album only
Track length:2:26
ISRC: DEB339041910

One of the Norwegian saxophonists most outgoing dates, the best-selling “Runes” also marked the first appearance of Manu Katché with the Garbarek group. Centerpiece of the album is the five-part “Molde Canticle”

Jan Garbarek soprano and tenor saxophones
Rainer Brüninghaus piano
Eberhard Weber bass
Nana Vasconcelos percussion
Manu Katché drums
Bugge Wesseltoft synthesizer
Ingor Ántte Áilu Gaup voice

Recorded August 1990

About Jan Garbarek:

The Norwegian saxophon player, Jan Garbarek had an early breakthrough into the elite of modern jazz in the 60's, due to his extensive cooperation with Keith Jarrett. His name is listed next to the big names from the U.S. and is associated with the birth of an original european sound in jazz. His tone is clear, indipendent, ascetic and pure. “The north and nature, song and mystery” are what Garbarek calls his origins and these are his unrefutable heritage. If it wasn't for his strong inner connection with Norwegian folklore, he wouldn't be able to integrate Brasilian and Asiatic influences as convincingly as he does. That the origin of all music lies in song, is to be felt in many of his compositions, and his greatest attention lies on melody and on the clear articulation of melodious-lines, that he plays with unmistakable impressive urgency. “In my best moments I hope to give meaning to every note”. Suddenly, out of an oscillating melody, Garbarek's horn emerges, k...