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Albums by John Surman/The Rainbow Band

Bedrocks Inn Bedrocks Inn 6:30    
Album only
Track length:6:30
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Performer: John Surman, Jan Erik Kongshaug, Knut Riisnæs, Håvard Fossum, Erlend Slettevoll, Roy Nikolaisen, Atle Nymo, Frode Nymo, Marius Haltli, Jørgen Gjerde, Stig Hvalrygg, Harald Halvorsen, Andreas Bye, Roger Johansen.
Genre: Jazz
Studio: Recorded by Jan Erik Kongshaug in Rainbow Studio autumn 2006/spring 2007 Produced, mixed and mastered by Jan Erik Kongshaug 2010
Composer: John Warren
ISRC: NO2NJ1005010
The Wizard The Wizard 5:03    
Album only
Track length:5:03
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: Eddie Harvey
ISRC: NO2NJ1005020
Lopsided Lopsided 7:00    
Album only
Track length:7:00
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: John Warren
ISRC: NO2NJ1005030
Going For A Burton Going For A Burton 6:49    
Album only
Track length:6:49
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: John Surman
ISRC: NO2NJ1005040
My Sketchy Spanish My Sketchy Spanish 9:30    
Album only
Track length:9:30
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: John Warren
ISRC: NO2NJ1005050
Off Minor Off Minor 5:12    
Album only
Track length:5:12
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: Thelonious Monk
ISRC: NO2NJ1005060
One Last Waltz One Last Waltz 9:37    
Album only
Track length:9:37
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: John Surman
ISRC: NO2NJ1005070
Longing Longing 6:07    
Album only
Track length:6:07
Artist: John Surman/The Rainbow Band
Composer: John Warren
ISRC: NO2NJ1005080

The Rainbow Band – how did it start?
Well, the idea came from Jan Erik Kongshaug originally. He and I were sitting together enjoying
a beer in Bergen when we were there recording with the Bergen Big Band. He said that from
time to time the main studio at Rainbow would be sitting empty in the evenings after daytime
sessions had finished – and what a shame it was. There there was this great playing space with
no music going on and did I have any ideas? I remembered that when I was packing up my
things in England prior to moving over to Norway I had found a pile of 8 piece arrangements
from the old octet that I ran in the sixties. I thought it might be fun to play through some of
them again. Jan Erik agreed, and so we decided to see if we could put an occasional band
together. For this we owe a great vote of thanks to Roger Johansen, who bravely volunteered
to phone around a few musicians to see who might be interested and once we were up and
running, continued to check on players availability from week to week whenever we could
manage to get together. The musicians that you will hear on this CD formed the core of the
band – but we also had occasional visits from Jens Fossum and Dave Edge – many thanks to
them too!!

How did the recordings come about?
I suppose you can take the man out of the studio, but you can’t take the studio out of the man!
When we all arrived for the first play through we were surprised to see that Jan Erik had set up
all the recording gear as if it were to be a recording session as well – “I might as well just record
the sessions – might be fun to listen back later – but we just carry on and have fun”. And that’s
exactly what we did. So over a period of several months we got together, more or less once
a week, and just played. In fairness to all the musicians involved, I have to say that none of us
intended that this music would be released as an album – so what you are listening to is simply
musicians having fun playing music that they enjoy playing. However when Jan Erik sent me
a CD in the post almost a year after the get-togethers had ended, I was amazed at how good
the group sounded. It seemed a shame that the recordings would never be heard outside of
Rainbow – so here they are.


ohn Surman bs / ss Frode Nymo as
Håvard Fossum as Knut Riisnæs  ts / fl
Atle Nymo ts Roy Nikolaisen trp
Marius Haltli trp Jørgen Gjerde trb
Harald Halvorsen trb Erlend Slettevoll pno
Jan-Erik Kongshaug g Stig Hvalrygg b
Andreas Bye drms Roger Johansen drms


2011 LOSEN Records