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Albums by Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet

Track length:6:17
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Henry Mancini
ISRC: NOCZL1118010
Track length:3:47
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Frank Loesser
ISRC: NOCZL1118020
Track length:5:54
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Leonard Bernstein
ISRC: NOCZL1118030
Track length:3:23
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Cole Porter
ISRC: NOCZL1118040
Track length:5:43
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Lill Lindfors
ISRC: NOCZL1118050
Track length:7:33
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Carl Fisher/Bill Carey
ISRC: NOCZL1118060
Track length:3:41
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Jobim/Gilbert
ISRC: NOCZL1118070
Track length:5:50
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Irving Berlin
ISRC: NOCZL1118080
Track length:5:04
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Roger Taylor
ISRC: NOCZL1118090
Track length:2:09
Artist: Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet
Composer: Torgeir Stubø/Kjersti Stubø
ISRC: NOCZL1118100

This is Bolage´s first release with vocals. And what a release it turned out to be! 
Kjersti Stubø has selected some of her favorite songs, and together with her working quartet and MiNensemblet, she delivers fresh, new music, consistent in quality, yet full of surprises. 
Jørn Øien has done a fantastic job with the arrangements, which range all the way from playful, almost Bollywood-esque riffs to steel blue soundscapes that evoke associations with Gil Evans, Debussy and Messiaen. 
As uncompromising local patriots, we in Bolage really dig that the connection to Northern Norway and Narvik in particular is so strong on this release. Narvik is for lovers!

Kjersti Stubø (vocals) 
From Narvik, born in 1970. For nearly two decades, Kjersti has been one of Norway´s leading jazz vocalists. She has worked with people like Herbie Hancock, Palle Mikkelborg and Doug Raney, and this is her second album as a leader. 

Jørn Øien (piano) 
From Narvik, born in 1968. Recognized as one of Norway's foremost jazz pianists, Øien works regularly with bands like Beady Belle, Geir Lysne Listening Ensemble, and not least his own Jørn Øien Trio, which released the critically acclaimed album "Digging in the Dark" on Bolage last year (BLGCD011). 

Jon Rune Strøm (bass) 
From Namsos, born in 1985. Jon Rune has quickly established himself as one of Norway´s leading young bass players, and plays with people like Paul Nilssen-Love, Frode Gjerstad and Petter Wettre. Jon Rune has so far only been to Narvik one single time. 

Håkon Mjåset Johansen (drums) 
From Trondheim, born 1975. Håkon is one of the busiest jazz musicians in Norway, and he is also well represented in the Bolage catalogue, most notably with IPA and Håvard Stubø Quartet. Håkon has visited Narvik on numerous occasions. 

Professional ensemble, based in Narvik. Since their emergence in 1992, the ensemble has had a particular focus on contemporary music. In recent years, they´ve toured quite a bit, both in Norway and abroad, done several CDs, and collaborated with famous artists like Bjorn Andor Drage, Arvid Engegård, Ole Paus, Arve Tellefsen, Mary Utiger, Bobby McFerrin etc.



About Kjersti Stubø feat. MiNensemblet:

I grew up in the small town Narvik in Nothern Norway in a musical family. Started singing jazz together with my father Thorgeir Stubø at the age of 14. Later on - studys at the Conservatory of Music in Trondheim - at the Jazz Department. Can be heard on a lot of records. Has performed live and/or recorded with: Herbie Hancock, Terry Lyne Carrington, Ira Coleman, Doug Raney, Jesper Lundgaard, Bernt Rosengren, Anders Bergcrantz, Palle Mikkelborg, Svein Olav Herstad, Håkon Mjåset Johansen, Daniel Franck, Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk, Jørn Øien, Håvard Stubø, Thorgeir Stubø, Vigleik Storaas, Per Oddvar Johansen, Per Mathisen, Jan Gunnar Hoff, Olga Konkova, Hallgeir Pedersen, Mimmi Hammar, Alex Acuna, Frode Nymo, Tore Johansen, Roger Johansen, Terje Venaas, Bjørn Alterhaug among many, many others...