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Label: SusannaSonata
Quality: FLAC 16 bits 44.1kHz
mp3 included
Jailbreak Jailbreak 4:02    
Album only
Track length:4:02
Artist: Susanna feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Composer: Phil Lynott
ISRC: NOFGR0880010
Can't Shake Loose Can't Shake Loose 6:25    
Album only
Track length:6:25
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Russ Ballard
ISRC: NOFGR0880020
Who Knows Where The Time Goes Who Knows Where The Time Goes 5:02    
Album only
Track length:5:02
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Sandy Denny
ISRC: NOFGR0880030
Vicious Vicious 4:13    
Album only
Track length:4:13
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Lou Reed
ISRC: NOFGR0880040
Without You Without You 4:27    
Album only
Track length:4:27
Artist: Susanna feat. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy
Composer: Pete Ham,Tom Evans
ISRC: NOFGR0880050
Dance On Dance On 5:14    
Album only
Track length:5:14
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Prince
ISRC: NOFGR0880060
Joy And Jubilee Joy And Jubilee 3:34    
Album only
Track length:3:34
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Will Oldham
ISRC: NOFGR0880070
Janitor Of Lunacy Janitor Of Lunacy 3:57    
Album only
Track length:3:57
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Nico
ISRC: NOFGR0880080
Changes Changes 4:28    
Album only
Track length:4:28
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Bill Ward,Geezer Butler,Ozzy Osbourne,Tony Iommi
ISRC: NOFGR0880090
Wild Is The Will Wild Is The Will 4:47    
Album only
Track length:4:47
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Susanna K. Wallumrød
ISRC: NOFGR0880100
Don't Come Around Here No More Don't Come Around Here No More 4:38    
Album only
Track length:4:38
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Tom Petty,Dave Stewart
ISRC: NOFGR0880110
Goodbye Goodbye 3:59    
Album only
Track length:3:59
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Susanna K. Wallumrød
ISRC: NOFGR0880120
Forever Forever 5:12    
Album only
Track length:5:12
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Roy Harper
ISRC: NOFGR0880130
Lay All Your Love On Me Lay All Your Love On Me 6:10    
Album only
Track length:6:10
Artist: Susanna
Composer: Benny Andersson,Björn Ulvaeus
ISRC: NOFGR0880140

”Flower of Evil” is twelve sublime cover versions of mostly well known songs as well as two Susanna originals, all beautifully sung by one of the most exceptional new voices of recent years, lovely accompanied by her trusted band members Helge Sten (Deathprod, Supersilent) and Pål Hausken (In The Country) and with Bonnie ”Prince” Billy guesting on two songs. Whether it´s Thin Lizzy or Sandy Denny, Black Sabbath or Nico, Lou Reed or Abba, all are given the very personal Susanna treatment. Susanna is known as an extraordinary interpreter of songs, "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Hallelujah" from Susanna and the Magical Orchestra´s "Melody Mountain" have been widely hailed as excellent versions of "difficult" songs.

About Susanna:

Norwegian Artist Susanna (born 1979) is the woman behind Susanna and the Magical Orchestra // Susanna // Susanna Wallumrød, releasing music since 2004 through independent labels like Rune Grammofon and Grappa Musikkforlag, and through her own label SusannaSonata since 2011. She is known for her transforming of songs by AC/DC, Dolly Parton, Thin Lizzy and ABBA amongst others, but also for her strong originals and her work with making music for and singing poetry by Norwegian poet Gunvor Hofmo.

11 albums so far (by 2016) – all highly acclaimed, the most recent one ‘Triangle’ is a massive 22 songs long album which has received praise in Norway and abroad. The albums released in 2013 (The Forester) and 2014 (Meshes of Voice...