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Albums by Various Artists (Smalltown)

Le Jazz Non - A Complication Of Norwegian Noise
Sunkissed - Mixed By G-Ha And Olanskii
Track length:2:08
Artist: Drivan
Performer: Drivan
ISRC: NOSTS0965010
From A Balcony Overlooking The Sea From A Balcony Overlooking The Sea 6:30     Add € 1.50
Track length:6:30
Artist: Arp
Performer: Arp
ISRC: NOSTS0965020
Track length:5:09
Artist: Meanderthals
Performer: Meanderthals
ISRC: NOSTS0965030
Track length:12:13
Artist: Mungolian Jet Set'S 16th Rebels Of Mung Feat. Lindstrøm And Dominique Leone
Performer: Mungolian Jet Set'S 16th Rebels Of Mung
Dominique Leone
ISRC: NOSTS0965040
Track length:3:07
Artist: Lindstrøm & Solale
Performer: Solale
ISRC: NOSTS0965050
Track length:9:23
Artist: Diskjokke
Performer: Diskjokke
ISRC: NOSTS0965060
Night Of The Hunter (Prins Thomas Remix) Night Of The Hunter (Prins Thomas Remix) 10:10     Add € 1.50
Track length:10:10
Artist: Tussle
Performer: Tussle
ISRC: NOSTS0965070
Track length:9:04
Artist: Nisennenmondai
Performer: Nisennenmondai
ISRC: NOSTS0965080
Track length:5:26
Artist: Kxp
Performer: Kxp
ISRC: NOSTS0965090
The Parakeet Beat (Bjørn Torske Remix) The Parakeet Beat (Bjørn Torske Remix) 11:49     Add € 1.50
Track length:11:49
Artist: Sunburned Hand Of The Man
Performer: Sunburned Hand Of The Man
ISRC: NOSTS0965100
Track length:3:52
Artist: Toy
Performer: Toy
ISRC: NOSTS0965110

About Various Artists (Smalltown):

Fired-up, originary African pop, conjuring the Congolese rumba from imported Latin 78s — with thumb pianos, kazoos, banjos, bottles, violins, and irresistible little songs about pimps, dope, clubbing, sex, death.

Our fifth presentation of vintage recordings from the EMI Archive in Hayes, this album uncovers the dizzy beginnings of the golden age of African music — zinging with the social and political ferment of the independence movement and anti-colonianalism, after the Second World War — and the daredevil origins of Congolese rumba, the entire continent's most popular music in the sixties and seventies.

The new music grew in concert with a burgeoning night life — especially in the twin capitals of Leopoldville (today's Kinshasa) on the Belgian side, and Brazzaville on the French, where humming factories lured increasing numbers of rural Congolese with the offer of a steady, relatively well-paying job. Brazzaville had its celebrated nightclub, Chez Faignond...