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Comments (120)

2009-11-03 Michael Lieb

Dear ladies and gentlemen, our German newspaper, Stuttgarter Zeitung, will publish an article about B. Wesseltoft. Therefore we are looking for a small selection of images. In case you could help us I thank you for a short answer in advance. Kind regards Michael

2009-11-07 Felix Hofmann

Just heard you (B. Wesseltoft) play at the Turnhalle in Berne, Switzerland. You were fiddling with lots of equipment, so I figured I asked for your advice on buying a portable recorder. I found both a low end ( ) and high end version ( ) and would like to know what you're using yourself to record live gigs.

2009-12-01 Theo - Oslo

Gratulerer med gubemusic! Veldig spennende konsept. Jeg ser frem til gode anbefalinger og høy kvalitet, det er fabelaktig deilig å slippe å brøyte seg gjennom støyen fra massemarkedsføringen!

2010-01-18 marcello Fausto Dalla Pieta'

fantastisk, jeg kan kjøpe cd og høre musikken i bilen mens jeg kjører hjem fra jobben. byen jeg lever i heter Mestre, og er 10 km fra Venezia (Italia) fantastisk

2010-01-31 Ove S

Veldig riktig og bra konsept dette her Bugge! Håper katalogen din blir rikholdig og siten litt raskere ;-)

2010-02-04 bugge

Thanks for all comments! trying to answer.. Will improve our communication posibillities. good ideas and suggestions are welcome! user forum? user blog?

2010-03-03 Anthony Rush Ledbetter

Is the album IM by Bugge Wesseltoft available in vinyl LP format? I've been searching but have not found it as yet.

2010-03-04 Kuba Antoszewski

Hi Bugge, It would be great to see your concert planns at this site. See you tomorrow in Wroclaw, Kuba

2010-04-18 manuel weber

hello there this shop here is like a giant chrismas tree. is it possible to give someone a gift-card, a voucher? oh btw a pitty i missed bugge in stans/lucerne! should have known better when i'm rich one day i will buy all of the albums here ;-) thanks& have a good one manuel

2010-04-24 bugge

HI Anthony! IM is not available sorry. BUt we will release in a higher sound format digitally. HI Manuel.:) Gift is a good idea! thanks, and we are looking into it.. But yeah.. get rich:) bugge

2010-06-07 Uwe

Hi Bugge! Is it possible to publish let's say 2 minutes of a song from "IM" in 24/96 kHz to compare the sound quality with the standard 16/44,1 kHz? Thanks from Uwe, Hamburg

2010-06-14 bugge

HI Uwe. I cant do that. Im sorry.. due to no possibillity for giveaways til now.. why not buy one song..?

2010-07-23 Juraj

Hi Bugge. Recently purchased New Conception of Jazz Box Set - haven't heard a better selection for a long time, absolutely stunning album with such a variety of jazz from melancholic piano tracks to moving jazz-house! Love the live variations of album tracks. 10/10.

2010-07-31 Bugge Wesseltoft

HI Juraj Thank you for your fine words! Highly appreciated.

2010-08-07 Andreas K.

Hi, Are there any plans for a PayPal payment? Unfortunately I don't have a credit card. Another question: sometimes it's cheaper to buy all single tracks of an album than the complete album. Why is that? Thanks, Andreas, Germany

2010-08-24 Bugge Wesseltoft

Hi Andreas No Pay Pal so far. Can check availability.. Single tracks cheaper. hm... not supposed to be:) but not always easy to follow up details.. Most customers buy albums, not single tracks..

2010-11-25 rachat de credit

Man, really want to know how can you be that smart, lol...great read, thanks.

2010-12-22 Peter N.

Hi Bugge, Is it possible to obtain front cover artwork for "Im"?

2010-12-26 bugge

Hi Peter Of course! Its there when purchasing an album. Ill send it to you anyway. Best Bugge

2011-01-10 mass s.

Hi Bugge, I hope to see you soon in Rome. My child is so interested to lissen music and it should be wonderful see your concert with him! thanks mass

2011-01-10 bugge

Hi Massimo! Hope to see you in Rome too!

2011-02-04 Keith Jarrett

Could you correct the spelling of Keith Jarrett's name on the site?

2011-02-05 Bugge

I will! So sorry!

2011-02-12 NY

Very nice post, good luck! ;-)

2011-03-16 Samir Askerov

Hi Bugge, hope Ur well. I send to u agreement. Pls answer me. Many thanks. Samir

2011-04-12 Gerd Fink

Hi Mr. Wesseltoft, thank you for this great site - a lot of great music in excellent sound! I just want to suggest a possible improvement of your offerings : Can you offer the liner notes / album art in pdf? With kind regard from a music lover!

2011-04-12 bugge

Dear Gerd Thanks for fine comments! We are implements in pdf when delivered from the label/artist. Unfortunately not that many albums are delivered with full digital artwork. Totally agree with you on this matter and luckilymore and more labels are delivering full digital artwork at the same time as we are asking for it.Full artwork will be added as soon as they arrive. Customers have multiple download option at gube so you may download again later. Thanks bugge

2011-05-27 horiso (chris)

hi Bugge! I respect you very much. I was wondering can i send you a link to my stuff (music) i'm curious about your opinion. cheers from poland

2011-06-23 Botac Alexandru-Cadmiel

Hi,Bugge! I'm Cadmiel. If you don't remember me,I played the piano at the national theater in Romania, just before your concert on 11th June. I want to say congratulation for your concert and I hope to see you again, maybe in another concert. Best wishes!

2011-09-05 Kristian Lønsted

Hej Bugge, Kommer Johansson/Riedel "In Hamburg" i 24-bit? Mange hilsner Kristian

2011-09-05 Kristian Lønsted

fra ACT

2011-09-06 bugge

Hei Kristian det skal jeg sjekke. Act har noen titler i 24bit tilgjengelig. Det kommer fler etterhvert bugge

2011-09-11 Carmen Dybsjord

Hei Bugge! Er det mulig å få/kjøpe notene til It's Snowing on my Piano? Det er en så fantastisk nydelig sang!

2011-10-10 Alexander

Hei, denne "about" siden trenger sårt informasjon om hva og hvem og hvorfor. Jeg gjenkjenner gube fra tidligere Bugge prosjekter og tipper at dette er noe han har kokt ihop, men jeg skulle gjerne ha lært litt mer. (Og kanskje en liten bønn til slutt om la vær å publiser så jævla bra musikk; lommeboken forsvinner raskere en websaiten klarer å henge med ... ;)

2011-10-18 bugge

Hei Alexander! Skal bli forbedret..promise. takk for at du kjøper hos oss:) bugge

2011-11-07 Håkon

Glimrende med nytt design, funker veldig bra

2012-02-23 bugge

Takk Håkon! Synes også det er blitt bra bugge

2012-08-14 Mads Iversen

Er svært nøgd med det eg har kjøpt her til no, men saknar moglegheita for å kjøpe ein tittel som gave, ev. eit ope gavekort.

2012-09-20 tellef øgrim

Hei vi er i ferd med å mastre en 24 bit versjon av vårt nye album med håp om å komme inn i Gube-katalogen. Mastreren spør: Should it be: Wave or Aiff Resolution: 24 Sample rate: 44100 or 48000 tellefø

2013-02-13 Johannes

Hi Bugge, I love your music an work for years. Since I'm a jazz musician, I'm very curious, what will be your new groove based setup. Could you please tell me some gear-details? Best regards Johannes

2016-02-06 Williampach

nice site!

2016-08-30 inetryconydot

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2017-01-31 DennisDumma

Hi, buzz me if you want to discuss this further!

2017-03-07 ИнтерДизайн

Most of Balkes music is released on ECM, with a few titles on other norwegian labels, available through Gube Music. Maxim Starcke . Bugge Wesseltoft Henrik. Magnetic Music is the . His musicianship as a drummer and percussionist is highly . Gube Music. Albums Bugges recommendations. Norway portal · Music portal · gubemusic. Bugge Wesseltoft fan site · GubeMusic - Bugge Wesseltoft on Gube Music. Your place for good music on the internet. Gigafon will function as an easy way to find new quality music from . Bugge Wesseltoft 1964? Bugge Wesseltoft s , and earned Wibutee international acclaim. If your fan base is mainly from the English . DIBS Teller VISA Electron Verified by VISA MasterCard SecureCode. Afric Pepperbird - Jan Garbarek Quartet . His musicianship as a drummer and percussionist is highly. Articles · Albums · Bugges recommendations . With Gubemusic you have the opportunity to comment on our opinions and to state your own.

2017-03-11 ИнтерДизайн

Afric Pepperbird - Jan Garbarek Quartet . With Gubemusic you have the opportunity to comment on our opinions and to state your own. Bugge Wesseltoft fan site · GubeMusic - Bugge Wesseltoft on Gube Music. DIBS Teller VISA Electron Verified by VISA MasterCard SecureCode. Bugge Wesseltoft 1964? Bugge Wesseltoft Henrik. Wibutee international acclaim. Maxim Starcke . Albums Bugges recommendations. Your place for good music on the internet. Most of Balkes music is released on ECM, with a few titles on other norwegian labels, available through Gube Music. His musicianship as a drummer and percussionist is highly . Gigafon will function as an easy way to find new quality music from . Articles · Albums · Bugges recommendations . His musicianship as a drummer and percussionist is highly. Norway portal · Music portal · gubemusic. Magnetic Music is the . If your fan base is mainly from the English . Gube Music.

2017-03-14 ИнтерДизайн

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2017-03-19 Bradly

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