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2010-05-11 by Thomas Conrad

Live review Til Elise. Oslo Jazzfestival by allaboutjazz

"One of the revelations of the festival was the trio of Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (bass), Hakon Kornstad (reeds), and Jon Christensen (drums) playing free, floating jazz versions of religious folk songs that Flaten learned from his grandmother. Imagine a fast bass supporting a slow saxophone. Kornstad wafted simple melodic minor key rituals and then patiently, creatively pursued their implications, while Flaten ran ahead and Christensen lagged behind, scattering ambiguous murmuring accents....

Christensen was a guest added for this performance. He is the only famous
member of the trio, but Flaten and Kornstad are world-class players. Flaten
was powerful and poetic, both pizzicato and arco. Kornstad played mostly
tenor, but sometimes switched off to a surprisingly fluid and graceful bass
saxophone. This was often music of extraordinary quietness. Pieces ...

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