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2009-11-18 Filipe Carvalho

Hello Bugge, I saw you in a live concert in Oporto - Portugal 5 years ago. Its a pleasure hear something from you... I apreciate a loot your work and i am a big fan. In oporto whe have a Big, important and nice event every mounth named: "clubbing" What you think about a return to oporto? The clubbing event its in my opinion a good way to show to as you project again. Think about that... Best regards, Filipe

2009-12-19 DrAle

Suggestion It would be useful to specify the duration of songs

2010-01-31 A. P.

... Hello Mister Wesseltoft, I am just listening to "Existence" (Café del Mar) - very good push!

2010-02-01 Anne Lily

Hi Bugge. Happy Birthday to you :) Wish you all the best! Brilliant performances and lots of love!

2010-03-17 Ksenia

Hello Bugge! I have been twice on you concerts here in Stavanger. You are amaizing and your art is so different from everything else I've seen and heard before. Thank you for that:) Do you have any Norway-plans (Stavanger in particular)in nearest future? Best regards (and with hope for your positive answer to my question:)

2010-03-20 Nerses Djaladian

Just a small comment to you guys,but important for Armenian. Please corecct the name of Tigran Hamaysan to Tigran Hamasyan in the new album of Dhafer Youssef. Beautiful album !!!

2010-03-30 Jonas

Hi guys, Love this site. You should fix a special section for all your 24/96-material. Would also love to see more of it =) Another thing, I kind of expected to see Jaga Jazzist new album "One armed bandit" up here. But I guess you can't have everything =)

2010-04-06 Bugge Wesseltoft

Hi Jonas and thanks! We will add more 24bit 96 soon! concerning Jaga definately! They are on Ninja Tune and will chack with them. Funily enough digital distribution are much more difficult than the old physical way. Strange and unexpected if you ask me.. ( we do have however some of theyr music and would recommend Martin Horntvedts Soloalbums !! Nerses: Have corrected his name. All the best!

2010-06-10 Eriq

I love lone.

2010-07-13 Samuel Matsinhe

Hello! Bugge We met last week after your performance at Chapelle de Bon Pasteur in Montréal and discussed the possibility of studying with you. I am very excited about this possibility and I would like to follow up on that. I definitely need some sort of letter of acceptance, which I plan to submit with my grant application for advanced trainning. Please advice me if I can communicate with you through these posts or I should send an e-mail, or call for discussing further. Thank you so much for accepting to teach me, I really, really appreciate it. Best Regards Samito Matsinhe

2010-07-13 Bugge Wesseltoft

Hi Samuel Will contact you regarding this. Lets do it! bugge

2010-07-14 Samuel Matsinhe

Thank you Bugge!

2010-09-24 bugge

Hi Magnus We state the quality of each 24bit album after the title. Anyway we are one of the really few webstores in Europe offering full CD quality by flac for download. Will be more 24 bit albums coming up shortly. regards bugge

2010-12-21 Bugge

Hi Peter This track had to be removed from the album due to missing rights from the composer. Sorry. Thanks for visiting us

2010-12-21 Ole Chr Kvammen

Hey Excited to learn about this fantastic site that offer 24 bit recordings, and of the best recording labels. I am proud to be a Norwegian. But have problems downloading latest album from Kleive and Groven. Download stops after aprox 20 % ? Also get note that retry is denied due to time delay ?

2010-12-26 Bugge

Hei Ole Chr. 24BIT files might be to big for downloading the full album at once, depending one your download speed. Please try download track by track.That normally does it We are workingg on solutions for this matter.

2010-12-26 bugge

Thank you Alexandra! Best wishes for you too.

2011-01-19 Håkon Bjerke

Hi, great site with some really great music! No more buy-cd-rip-to-flac procedures :) One improvment, do the css properly. Some of the headings are hidden in ie, and the div's aint floating :)

2011-01-20 bugge

Hi Håkon. Thanks for your suggestions! Will present it to our tech staff. We are currently improving our pages and servers.

2011-01-26 Morten Vegelbo

Hei, Bugge. Mye snadder å velge imellom i katalogene på sida di! Håper du kan hjelpe meg med et lite spørsmål: Klarer en helt ordinær USB-port som den jeg har på min helt ordinære bærbare pc å frakte all informasjon som følger med 96- og 192 kHz-filer over i min eksterne Cambridge DAC magic? Veldig talende spørsmål, kanskje.:-) La meg stille det mer åpent: Hvordan bør min bærbare pc være utstyrt for at jeg skal få fullt utbytte av disse filene gjennom stereoanlegget mitt?

2011-02-25 Samuel

Hello Bugge Samuel from Montréal. Hoping all is well. Just wondering if you received an e-mail I sent a couple of days ago. Have a great weekend

2011-03-21 ScottR

Wishing you'd make the music from that 2004 Montreux concert available to buy on Gubemusic... ;-)

2011-03-22 bugge

Hi Scott. nice to hear from you. we do have livematerial from that period. some of ut represented in my new conception Live album(2003)and the new conception Boxset(2006) you may check it out. but yeah, the montreux concert was a nice one. ill check for possibillities.. thanks for visiting gube!

2011-03-23 mary benefiel

Help! just purchased " Folk" but thought it was a hard copy-Cd. how do i reverse the charge on me credit card? and where can i puuchase a hard copy? thanks mary/usa

2011-03-24 bugge

Hi Mary We refunded your order. However Gubemusic offers full CD Quality and 24bit soundquality on all music. The exact same sound as a CD. Try it out! regards Bugge

2011-04-11 bugge

Hei Sigurd. Takk for fine kommentarer! Vi jobber med en utbedring av Widgeten og muligheter for å dele plater man liker. venlig hilsen Bugge

2011-06-08 ScottR

Bugge, you and Henrik have some terrific stuff going with the new Duo release! Downloaded it this evening. Koser meg fælt med låtene ut på natta her i Toronto.

2011-06-08 bugge

Hi Scott Takk!:) Plans to come over to Canada next year i think. Looking forward! bugge

2011-09-10 Cadmiel

Hi again! I'm Cadmiel from Romania. We had a concert in Buharest on the 11'th of June, at the National Theatre. In my first message you told me if I will need some help,sometime, and I would like to ask you something,if it's ok. I really need your opinion about my performance, what you think about my career as a pianist, a small characterization, if you have time I will be grateful. If you can send it on my email. Tahnk you and hope to see you again!

2011-09-16 bugge

Hi again Cadmiel. You played fantastic!! and are one of the greatest classical talents i ever heard. If you do have a videorecording of your performance(i believe romainian television recorded both our concerts in Bucharest), please do send it to me and i will forward it to some contacts in the classical world.You would do great in any competition around the globe! let me know and i promise to help you as much as i can! best bugge

2011-10-18 bugge

Hei Terje Ja! vet det. men må ha en avtale med Sony music først.Om vi får det til kommer den i high res! takk for at du besøker oss!

2011-10-18 bugge

Hi tschinz Thanks for your kind words! I do play in Swiss regulary believe we are coming to montreux next summer!

2012-02-23 bugge

Hi Matteo. Gubemusic is for download only! Visit for this purpose. best bugge

2012-06-23 Trane

When will Bugge & Henning's Last Spring be available ? In highres I presume ?

2012-07-03 bugge

Hi Its available right now in 24bit96khz. Thanks for visiting us! best bugge

2012-08-19 Markus

Hi Bugge, any chance that a songbook of your interpretations on "It's snowing on my piano" and "Songs" could be released? It would be a pleasure for not that experienced jazz players to be able to get even closer to your music. Thanks for considering, Markus

2012-09-17 bugge

Hi Markus. No real plans atm.. But good idea!

2012-09-25 Robert

Dear Bugge, some years ago I purchased your album "Moving" and I'm loving it. It's pulling me through hard times right now. Especially "Lone" is one of the few things that puts a smile on my face, so I listen to it a hundred times a day. It's never going to become boring to me, so the positive effect is, that I'm smiling at least half of the day. But I would like to get deeper in it, I've scouted the internet, but couldn't find any sheet music of the piano you play in that track. Do you have an idea, where I could get that? I'm looking forward to hearing from, greetings, Robert PS: Please never stop making your wounderful music!

2012-09-30 Stef

Finally I found a place to buy music in a decent format! And even better, it is hosted by one of my favourite artists. I remember Bugge live, not just interacting with his fellow musicians but also constantly observing the audience and hence making every listener part of the music. Allow me a feedback: Yesterday, I bought the album "Live" by Nik Bärtsch with modules 14, 17,11,16, 8_9 and 15, thinking that it was the new release. Today there is another album by Nik with the same title but other modules, apparently the latest one. I appreciated if release dates would be mentioned to avoid such conflicts. Never mind, one can't have enough of that stuff, it's so funky!

2012-09-30 bugge

Hi Stef. Yeah. Just realize.. Nik have both his own label Ronin Rythm and his Ecm releases here. Well.They are very different.. Hope it works out this way. I love his music too! Bugge

2012-12-15 Julia

Dear Bugge, when will you play in Berlin? It's cold and rainy outside and we're listening quietly to your CDs... wonderful. All the best Julia and Stefan

2012-12-29 bugge Wesseltoft

Hi Julia and Stefan. Playying in Berlin in March i believe. Were supposed to play Berlin in December but cancelled of unrotunate reasons. Hope to be back soon! Thanks for your interest! best Bugge

2013-02-09 Andreas

Hi Bugge, Wonderful live stream from the Wesseltoft/Schwarz Quartet in Oslo last Friday! Unfortunately, I missed part of it due to low bandwidth.... Will you publish the recorded session on the live page? Would be great! Greetings from Chile Andreas

2013-03-04 Paul Taranto

Hello, I am a high school band director in Louisiana (USA) and I am very interested in obtaining the sheet music for "Fanfare" by Kjetil Bjerkstrand. Do you have it for trumpet with piano accompaniment?

2013-03-13 Philippe

Hello, i m discovering your music and i m very exiting! will you come in France next winter?? Have you any projects for playing there? Thanks for your answer

2013-04-16 Stefan

Hi, I would very much appreciate having a kind of "bookmark button" for exploring your music. Unfortunately I can´t buy everything I like ...

2013-05-29 Linda Bartlett

Hi Bugge! I just want to say that I have only recently discovered your music and I am delighted to say the least! I have begun with your album 'Blamann' which is simply exquisite! I would very much like to purchase the music score for this album (or at least 2 of the tracks: Blamann and Til Ungdommen) but have been unable to locate any music over the internet. Could you please help me?? Your music has motivated me to want to take up playing the piano again!! But I need the music. Thank for your wonderful talent, and that of Henning Kraggerud. Cheers, Linda. (New Zealand)

2013-06-08 Linda Bartlett

Hi again Bugge. My husband and I listen to the album Blamann' every night and we just don't seem to get tired of it. It's wonderful! Please, please let me know how I can get hold of the sheet music for the two tracks I mentioned in my earlier message, plus 'Wiegenlied'. I really want to learn to play those 3 tunes on the piano. I look forward to hearing from you. Linda

2014-12-18 Oswald

Dear Bugge, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful "it's snowing on my piano"-evening yesterday in Eindhoven. It was beautiful, sensitive, intense and haunting...and deserving of a sold out house. Yet the music and atmosphere felt even more intimate this way making the silences stronger. Minimal, sparkling, confident, intuitive, with a really natural narrative and surprising voicings. Your rendition of "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen" was in my head a lot when our daughter Roos was born on New Year's Day, two years ago. So, thank you again for giving us a great evening of introspection and remembrance. Sincerely, Oswald

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2016-11-06 Marco Loesche

Dear Mr. Wesseltoft, I had the pleasure listening to one of your concerts in Frankfurt last year. There you played a really unforgettable version of "Bridge over troubled water". Since then I search for such a version to be published by you. Unfortunately I could not find one. Did I miss the publishing of this version or is it not planned by you to publish this song? Thanks a lot in advance for a short informatiom which could stop my search - one way or the other. Please keep on playing in your unique way as it is such a gift for the listener! Take care, Marco Loesche

2016-12-15 MaryMJ

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2016-12-23 Justincok

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