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New York Times features Håkons new album Dwell time

The Norwegian saxophonist Hakon Kornstad has a deeply focused tone and a dazzling command of expressive effects. He puts it all to good use on “Dwell Time” (Jazzland), his serene but potent new solo album. Recorded without overdubs in a church in Oslo, it’s a study in hazy accretion: Mr. Kornstad builds each of his tracks in real time, using electronics to layer his sounds. In addition to tenor he plays bass saxophone, flute and what he calls a flutonette (a flute with a clarinet mouthpiece), employing all manner of gentle clucks and multiphonic sighs. And while the music was composed on the spot, it often doesn’t feel that way. Some tracks, like “Oslo,” with its slow-crawling bass line, and “Streamer,” with its wakening stir, could hardly be improved with premeditation.


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