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2012-08-31 by Fat Henry


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Comments (52)

2010-02-18 peter navbjerg

jeg er rigtig glad for at høre din musik - jeg er inspireret, som jeg ikke kan huske at jeg var siden jeg som 20-årig hørte Jan Johansson. Jeg har loavet et band, som hedder dr. Peppars lab. (= peppar, fordi vores familie er masser af svenskere, som ikke kan sige Peter) og dr. fordi jeg er distriktslege i København. Lab. står for laboratorium de bedste hilsener Peter

2010-02-19 Bugge Wesseltoft

Hei Peter. Takk! Lykke til med ditt band vennlig hilsen bugge

2010-02-22 Anders Gorm Larsen

Hej Bugge Wesseltoft. Hvornår afholder du koncert i Danmark? Mvh. Anders Gorm Larsen :-) PS - Glæder mig utrolig meget til at høre din musik live !!!!

2010-06-06 Amado Madrazo Garcia

en Itunes 11,99 un Cd, pero siempre lo tndre en iTunes Store.......Gracias

2010-12-21 Frode Røed

Bugge, Kjenner du til Tokyo Zawinul Bach? Akkurat som å høre NCOJ på det mest virile :) De er det store akkurat nå for meg. mvh Frode



2011-06-25 Andreas Weiser

Hi Bugge, Actually i am since years a fan of your music. Especially of your stuff you did with Sidsel Endresen. Allways a big inspiration. So i am very glad to find my band "The Taal Tantra Experience" here on your "Gubemusic" site. It´s very good anounced. Thanx a lot for that. Hope one day we will get the possibility to perform in Scandinavia. Our "northest" gig so far was recently at the elbjazz Feszival in Hamburg. Would be great to play a bit more north too. Thanks again and all the best, Andreas

2011-06-27 bugge

Ok Francesco:) bugge

2011-06-27 bugge

Hi Andreas Nice to hear from you and thanks for your fine comments! I like your album and Ozella music alot best bugge

2012-01-30 Matteo

Dear Bugge, I would love to have your autograph directly on the disk or on the cover of the CD "NCOJ Live" and it would be very important for me to have your personal dedication to me (Matteo). Can you do this for me? You are one of the pianists I most admire and will continue to listen! Please let me know the cost of the CD and if I can pay by bank transfer. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Matteo

2012-05-03 dimitris


2012-05-13 bugge

Hi Matteo. Gubemusic do not sell physical cps. sorry! YOu may order this album at best bugge

2012-06-11 Matteo

Dear Bugge, thank you for answering my e-mail. I might buy your last CD "Songs" from the internet site you mentioned, but as I wrote, I’d like to have it autographed. If that’s possible how could I do? I hope you can help me out. Waiting to hear from you, thanks in advance. Matteo

2012-08-06 Tony Felus

I've recently been enjoying (repeated) plays of the BBC3 Late Junction programme featuring your collaboration with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra playing Bach' Goldberg variations. What a treat! for a fan of both Bach and Jazz. I've had the MJQ / Bach recording for years, also Jacques Loussier's version, and yours a delightful addition with a finely judged freshness. If you ever release the performance on CD please add my name to your list of fans waiting for refreshment.

2012-09-17 bugge

Hi Tony. It will be recorded for CD but no plans right now. Thanks for liking it! Bugge

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2016-03-11 Joanna

Hei Bugge, Jeg og familien min har nettop flyttet fra Norge til USA (jeg er fra USA mannen min fra Vesterålen). Vi lurer på om du skal holde konsert i USA en gang, eller delta i jazz festival f.eks. Takk for fantastisk musikk, Joanna (Olympia, nær Seattle)

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