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2010-02-16 by Eivind Aarset

Eivind Aarset - My 2009

sonic codex 4tet Dortmund jan 2010 electromagnetic
With Jon Hassell in Lausanne
with J.Peter Schwalm in Mannheim (Punkt)
Eivind- Photo Karl Heinz Schmitt
Eivind Aarset summing up his 2009. Perhaps the year where he really tool the step into the european highlight of music beeing recognized by more and more artists and audiences.


I started the year with a cool Sonic Codex concert in Volda, Norway together with Håkon Kornstad, Audun Erlien and Wetle Holte, then we did  Malmø in Sweden and Padova, Vicenza, Rome in Italy, all gigs very nice, good vibes, great audiences.
Then the Moers festival asked me to put together a project specially for them, and I chose to make the "Sonic Codex Orchestra", a six piece version of my trio;  Erland Dahlen and Wetle Holte on drum kits and percussion, Audun on the bass, Gunnar Halle on trumpet and monosynth, and finally Bjørn Charles Dreyer and myself on guitars. Bjørn is also playing pedal steel, which I think adds a very nice color to the sound. I was so happy with the result, that I decided to use the live recordings from Moers as a big part of my new live CD.
(The other concert recordings on the CD are from Casa del Jazz in Rome, the Saalfelden festival in Austria, and Leipziger Jazztage in Germany.)
During the summer and autumn I played a lot with different line ups while trying to record everything. (The original trio was always present Audun, Wetle and myself.) we did the Kongsberg jazz festival, Pomigliano Jazz, Time in Jazz in Berchidda (Paolo Fresu`s Festival) Oslo Jazzfestival, Leipziger Jazztage, Saalfelden, Band on the Wall (Manchester) JazzExpo 09 Cagliari and finally Jazzland sessions in Oslo


I toured a lot with Nils Petter Molvaer and Audun Kleive last year promoting Nils Petters new album "Hamada". On a gig in april my ears took some "real beating", and as a result of this, I decided to ask Nils Petter to find somebody to replace me. This was something I really didn´t want to do because we had a lot of nice experiences on stage together through the years, and I feel really connected to Nils Petter and his project. Anyway he asked Stian Westerhus to join instead of me, and I think it has turned out really good for Nils Petters project. But before I left, we had some really nice concerts together, I especially remember  a gig in the mountains in Romania, a Paris concert, the Rochester festival, a concert at the beach in San Sebastian,( which also was recorded by Mezzo, sounds good.) But maybe the best moment was a morning concert in a park in Frankfurt.

I finally toured with my hero, Jon Hassell. Luckily I was included on his latest record "last night the moon came down dropping it´s clothes in the street". We did a concert in the opera house in Sydney, and some gigs around Europe. It is really great to be a part of this group, and I feel I am learning a lot about music by playing with him, and by listening to his ideas. It is also very nice band; Kheir-eddine M'kachiche, Jan Bang, J.A Deane and Arnaud Mercier

I had the pleasure of doing some gigs with another fantastic trumpet player: Arve Henriksen. Especially the performance during the Punkt festival was one of the highlights for me this year.

Talking about Punkt... the festival is such a good place to hear new music, and play in different constellations, I was really happy about working with J.P. Schwalm and Adam Rudolph again this year. And I really loved to listen to the concerts of Sidsel Endresen and Maja Ratkje on the main stage.

I  toured with Andy Sheppard, who was promoting the record "Movements in Colors", which includes Kujit Bamra, John Parricelli, Arild Andersen and myself. A very melodic and light sounding quintet which is really enjoyable to perform with.

Peter Baden, my wife Anne Marie Giørtz, and myself recorded an album with her music, and norwegian lyrics from different authors. The album turned out  nicely, got a lot of attention, and good reviews in the norwegian press. it is called "På egne vegne"

Another recording  in february: About a silent way, a project initiated by the festival in Pomigliano, they commissioned Maurizio Martucelli aka Martux to do a electronic/acoustic version, loosely based on the legendary recording of Miles Davis. It was nice to meet new musicians (and very good ones too! ) Fabrizio Bosso, Aldo Vigorito, Fransesco Bearzatti. and Maurizio Martux.

I also did a record with my long time collaborator Hans Ulrik, recording an album with his material, it is called: Slow Proscession, it features Anders Jormin, Kasper Tranberg, Audun Kleive, Hans and myself. and I think it is obvious that Hans wrote the music with the players in mind, because everything ran so smoothly during the recording.

Other nice projects in 2009: A performance with Dhafer Youssef, Paolo Fresu, Nguyen Le and the writer Stefano Benni in Bologna, recording a nice album for kids featuring the Palestinian singer Rim Banna, a reunion concert with the band Ab&Zu, Ole Henrik Giørtz who writes the material for Ab und Zu, made big band arrangements on the tunes, and we did this really loud and energetic concert at Vossajazz together with Bergen Big Band. A duo with Roberto Cecchetto in Sardegna. I did a guest appearance with the young Italian piano trio "Chat Noir" in Rome, I did a couple of concerts with Thomas Strønens percussion ensemble in Oslo. A different but cool experience.

Plans for 2010

The important thing for me now, is to get the live CD "Live Extracts" up and running, it is just released in Norway and will be released in the rest of Europe in April. There are many people who find the concerts very far from the studio CD´s, and I think it is great to have this record now, because finally I have a documentation that reflect how the band sounds like in concerts. It sounds more raw, and the playing and interaction is often better in front of an audience, than in the controlled environment of a studio.
I am very proud of this band and project so I really hope it will be possible to play a lot with in 2010!
we actually just finished a 9 gig tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the Sonic Codex Quartet (Erland Dahlen, Wetle Holte, Audun Erlien and myself) Extremely happy with the result.

I also recorded and album early in January with Michel Benita, french bass player joined by Matthieu Michel, Mieko Miyazaki, Philippe Garcia and myself. I think the album turned out very good!

upcoming is a little release tour with Hans Ulrik, some duo gigs with Nils Petter Molvaer, a little tour with Andy Sheppard, some gigs with my wife.
In March I am hosting series of concerts at  the Victoria, a club in Oslo. I will do free stuff with Erland Dahlen and J peter Schwalm, one concert with Jan Bang and Helge Sten, and one concert together with Simon Toldam, Thomas Strønen, and Nils Petter Molvær. I am going to do some free stuff with Gianluca Petrella, Michele Rabbia and Roberto Masotti the 23d of March in Turin, and a duo with Roberto Cechetto the day after.

We are touring with my band in April and May and hopefully some festivals during the summer. And in the autumn I will tour duo with Jan Bang promoting his new album "...and poppies from Kandahar"

And all the year through I will be working on making stuff for my next album which will be a solo guitar album, hopefully release: early 2011

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2010-02-16 ivan kapec

Great year, Eivind! Congratulations! I hope that you and your band will come in Croatia on some festival this year.. Also, I look forward to hear your sound, (collaboration) with Anders Jormin, on Hans Ulrik project.. It seems that in Europe something good happens - collaborations, projects, improvise, sounds... Eivind, I wish you good vibes and good sounds in all your musical plans...

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