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2010-02-15 by Jan Bang

Jan Bang - My 2009

Live from Punktfestival 2009
Jan Bang summing up his 2009.


January: Started recording my new solo album

february: US tour with Jon Hassell. Performing in zankel hall (carnegie, nyc), royce hall (UCLA, LA), Big Ears (Tennessee), Colombus, Philadelphia, Minneaplois (Walker art centre) and Vancouver Canada.

February: Punkt vs Touch in Istanbul. Erik Honoré, Sidsel Endresen and myself joined forces with British label Touch for a night in Istanbul.

March: Studio, working on solo album...Oslo concert with Helge Lien + Rolf-Erik Nystrøm (Viktoria)

April: Studio, Duo concert with Arve Henriksen in Madrid...Trio concert in Switzerland with Claudio Puntin & Samuel Rohrer...Completed my solo recording.

May: performing festivals with Arve Henriksen & Trio Mediaeval in Stavanger (Maijazz), duo with Arve in Bergen (Nattjazz) and in Wales...One off concert with Norwegian poet Nils Christian Moe-Repstad / Nils Petter        Molvaer and Erik Honoré at Lillehammer Literature Festival.

June: Sydney Opera house performance with Jon Hassell as part of Brian Eno´s three week festival...US tour as duo with Arve Henriksen (NYC, Rochester, Washington DC, Knoxville Tennessee (Big Ears)...

July: Roskilde Festival, Denmark and Stockholm Festival with Jon Hassell...Trio Mediaeval / Arve Henriksen / Staale Storløkken at Molde Int.Jazz Festival, Norway.

August: Studio session with the  young talented sax player André Kassen...Preparing Punkt Festival

September: Punkt Festival, Kristiansand, Norway...Started Production of the talented Norwegian singer/songwriter Unni Wilhelmsen due for release June 7 2010.

October: Wrote some material for Sidsel Endresen´s anticipated forthcoming album....Contnued working on the UW album...Toured Europe with Jon Hassell (Lisboa, Oldenburg, Double bill with Arve Henriksen in Skopje - Macedonia, Lausanne, Mannheim, Tampere - Finland....Also bringing Punkt to Enjoy festival, Mannheim was a highlight - included were artists like Sidsel Endresen, Jon Hassell, Ensemble Modern, J.Peter Schwalm, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Eivind Aarset and Mercury Prize nominees Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

November: Continuing working on the Unni W material...One off concert in Bergen with Sidsel Endresen / Håkon Kornstad / Humcrush.

December: Workshop at Norsk Musikkhøgskole and continuing working on the Unni W material.

comming up 2010

"I have made a new album due for release at David Sylvian´s s Samadhisound label shortly....more info soon.

Together with Erik Honoré I´m currently co-producing the talented norwegian singer/songwriter Unni Wilhelmsen. album due for release in June 2010.
Norwich / Norfolk festival has commissioned a large piece for choir for a performance at the stunning Norwich Cathedral may 21. I´m co-writing the material together with Arve Henriksen and Erik Honoré as lyricist.

The German Goethe Institute and the Düsseldorf based "Schumannfest" has commissioned new work based on the lieder material by Robert Scumann as part of the 200-year anniversary."





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