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When Mozambican Ivan Mazuze decided to make Cape Town his home in 2000, he already had a Diploma in Classical Music from the Maputo National Music School under his belt. He studied piano, clarinet and saxophone, with the clarinet as his first instrument.

But, for this humble, dedicated and determined musician, this was far from enough.

In 2002 Ivan obtained the Performers Diploma in music (jazz studies), and was awarded a distinction in jazz ensemble and jazz improvisation at the University of Cape Town (UCT). In 2005 he obtains a bachelor of music (Honours) in performance, awarded in the first class (distinction) at UCT. In 2006 he graduated with a Master’s degree in musicology at UCT.

In 2007 Ivan Mazuze wrote an article about music and trance in ritual practices, for the educational magazine “The talking drum” released in December 2007 (number 28). Ivan continues writing more articles for different ethno-musicological journals.

Ivan Mazuze is currently living and performing in Norway.


From the start this talented young man had a clear vision of what he had to do in order to succeed in the music industry.

Ivan realized that educating himself and mastering his instrument was not enough, and while studying he set up his own production and publishing company to handle the administration and business side of his career.

As with all aspiring musicians, at a young age, Ivan dreamt of the day when he would record his own music.

But, for this disciplined musician, the dream became a goal, the goal became part of his ambition, and he worked on his own compositions regularly.

Ivan did not wait for record companies to offer him a deal.

In (2008) he recorded his debut CD at Paris Studios in Fish Hoek, through his own company and with his own finances.

The result is Maganda (Ivan’s traditional name) and this is without a doubt a collector’s item.

The CD features some of the top musician in the country.

Alvin Dyers – guitar
Júlio Sigauque-guitar
Lucas Khumalo – bass
Kevin Gibson – drums
Mark Fransman – piano
Camillo Lombard – piano
Andrew Lilley - keyboards
John Hassan – percussion
Tony Paco – percussion
Graham Beyer - trombone
Melanie Scholtz - vocals
Nomfundo Xaluva – vocals
Hlulani Hlongwane – vocals
Heinrich Frans – vocals


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