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Welcome to Gubemusic! We are an eclectic Music Store for downloads of High Quality Music and Sound. We offer downloads  in full CD and 24Bit sound Quality!  Mp3 for free with any purchase. Gubemusic uses Flac Audio Format. Find information about Flac Audio, free Flac Players and converters here....


Thank you for visiting our service! offers CD or 24Bit Sound Quality on all Downloads. We use Flac Audio.

FLAC files are audio files that have been compressed, but without loss of audio data.

FLAC is the file format for the true music lover. FLAC retains 100 per cent of the audio information when taken from a CD. Which means that when you burn FLAC to CD, what you are getting is genuine CD quality audio.

More and more HiFi manufacturers are adding FLAC capabilities to their equipment, and we can expect to see FLAC becoming a standard feature of audio equipment in future.

FLAC software is available for all the main operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. There is software for playing FLAC, for burning FLAC to CD, for converting CD to FLAC, and most of it is free to download.

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Gubemusic recommends Songbird Multi Audio Player. Great Layout. Easy to use!

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Comments (5)

2011-04-11 Sigurd Ytre-Arne

Jeg bruker xACT for å konvertere fra FLAC til AIFF/WAV. Det funker fint på min Mac. Takk for et fint tilbud!

2013-03-02 Michel BLOISE

The recordings that you propose seem interesting, but you should offer free samples of the albums in order for us to decide if we buy ! I am sure that this would encourage us to buy if we could lesson before ! (eventually an extract of each song, or the full song in a lower resolution format). Thanks for your attention,


We pick and place, reflow, populate then wave solder (same as Wales) the PCBs, test them, put them in cases, pack and ship them all from our little workshop in Sheffield, UK.

2014-04-22 lX1ouRPpoV

Help! Please help! I just got a new laptot and I just got done puittng videos from my camera on to my PC and my videos goes inside my pictures files but everytime I try to play a record, it always says encountered a problem while playing the file! Please help!

2017-01-24 okaymmo

I like this game very much okaymmo

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