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ECM on Gubemusic

Hi. Just wanted to express my proudnes for finally beeing able to recommend ECM on Gubemusic. In my opinion ECM stands out as the most directional recordlabel in modern history with its clear sound ideals, artwork and musical awarenes. Where most other music of today will be forgotten tomorrow, ECM will remain with its timeless music all created under  supervision of Manfred Eicher. (Another label that comes to my mind projecting some of the same qualitys is Basic Channel and Maurizio, also German but at the opposite spectre of sound, Electronic Music but still with the same efforts to achieve clear directional musical ideas). Just wanted to be the first on Gubemusic to recommend 4 fantastic albums from ECM. Albums that meant so much to me in my growth as a musician. It should be no secret that ECM and Norwegian music holds strong lines, and have been growing together from the beginning. Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen, Jan Erik Kongshaug. All of them my heroes and my without doubt most important pathfinders, making it possible to believe in creating music out of scandinavian jazz ideals. Here the are: The 4 most influental ECM albums for me.

1. Jan Garbarek - Places

The musical energy. The Organ Sound, Jack De Johnette sounding so different. Entering is in top 4 my favourite tracks ever!

2. Terje Rypdal - Waves

Terje mixing influences from so many sources, still making them his own! Listen to Sveinung Hovensjøs bassplaying and Jon Christensens percussive drumming. What a groove! Per Ulv is performed live together with an early drum machine. Sveinung and Jon kept time looking at the red clock light. No headphones at this time..

3. Jan Garbarek, Egberto Gismonti, Charlie Haden - Magico

Too beautiful! and Charlie Hadens bassplaying..

Silence - Another top 4 favourite track for me!

4. Jon Balke - Siwan

Jon, always up there for me! Teaching me, beeing in front. Here with the stunningly beautiful and not less important project Siwan. Blending east and west showing the one important issue! Music communicates beyond borders, cultures and religions! We Are One!

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