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Albums by Mike Mainieri Northern Lights


American / Scandinavian "supergroup". A Band of bandleaders! Hearing Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Hofseth on a tape, jazzlegend Mike Mainieri fell in love with the Scandinavian sound and attitude as an alternative to the New York style music community he was a part of, including legend friends like Steve Gadd, Brecker Brothers and of course Mike himself. Bendik replaced Michael Brecker in Steps Ahead. 20 years later

Mike initiated Northern Lights after a visit in Oslo recording the first album Northern Lights at Bugges Room 2006. Concluding a musicaly very succesful european tour march 2010 the band decided to follow up with a new recording. The recording took place in Rainbow Studio August 2010. As a part of the recording a very special concert was given inside Rainbow in front of a great and dedicated audience.


Mike Mainieri Northern Lights


Mike Mainieri - vibraphone  (nyc records)

Bendik Hofseth - saxophone  (grappa)

Bugge Wesseltoft - piano   (jazzland)

Lars Danielsson - doublebass  (act music)

Audun Kleive - drums  (jazzland)


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