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Ten amazing tracks!

1. King in my empire - Rythm&Sound W/ The Artists

2. Per Ulv - Terje Rypdal - Waves

3. The moons a harsh mistress - Radka Toneff - Fairytales

4. Horses in rain - Sidsel Endresen - So I Write

5. Köln, January 24, 1975, Part I - Keith Jarret - The Köln Concert

6. På Månen - Talisman Group - Dating

7. Diskodans - Mental Overdrive - 083

8. Gamlestev - Kirsten Bråthen Berg - Min Kvedarlund

9. Sand - Ralph Towner - Solstice

10. Vijay Iyer - Human Nature - Solo


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Comments (7)

2011-01-31 Eric Porcher

Such a good page of music! All it needs is some more Bugge. Beautiful web design. (Here and on your artist_2 Bugge page.)

2011-02-01 Bernd

Hey Bugge, can't wait to see and hear you and Caecilie and Lars on thursday in Rüsselsheim! Have a good trip (and don't make the gig too short ;) )

2011-02-02 Bugge

Hi Erik and thanks! Will be more bugge.. promise:)

2011-02-02 Bugge

Hi Bernd. Looking forward to play!

2011-02-07 Bernd

Just wanted to thank the three of you for the concert last week. It was amazing and I liked it a lot to see, how you played together, your permanent communication! And it seemed, that you had fun too ;) Oh, the gig had just the right extend - and I like one-set performances. Bugge, it's not so easy to find out, where you going to play in Germany. Here on your site are no current gigs announced, some are at - but not all. Any recommandation for another source? Thanks again! Great stuff!

2011-02-09 Bugge Wesseltoft

Hi Bernd. Thanks for your kind words! Will improve my updates for touring! But taking it easy this winter:)Planning new projects.

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