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The press on Iroo Haarla Quintet

“Iro Haarla is currently undergoing a period of utmost creativity both as composer and as bandleader, becoming one of the most central Finnish jazz musicians of the decade. Haarla’s music of mostly ballads is full of expression and it is recognizably Scandinavian while at the same time unique in its impressionism.”
from the jury statement of the Finnish Jazz Federation’s Yrjö-Award 2006.


“Compared to ‘Northbound’, all of Haarla’s previous recordings seem like preliminaries. This studio album is stunning, but not in the sense that it overwhelms with pyrotechnics or audacious innovations. It is its wilful intimate revelations that set it apart, and it places Haarla in rarefied company – Annette Peacock, Billy Strayhorn and precious few others. Several compositions articulate a unique, stoic brand of torch music.”
Bill Shoemaker, Point of Departure.


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