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Review by Terje Mosnes (English translation)

Arne Hiorth: Exciting versions  of the world's oldest music.


FOR SIX YEARS trumpeter Arne Hiorth has worked on a project briefly described as  creating music based on traditional grooves, clap rhythms and vocal themes from the San people in Southern Africa - the world's oldest indigenous people.

With the album "! Khwa ttu - Music That floats from afar" he presents the results; original and fascinating music that is reminiscent of Nils Petter Molvær "Khmer", but Hiorth moves further into the African ethnicity.



Descriptions such as "ostrich dance groove," "trance dance groove," "protest song", "lullaby" and "call between settlements", tells  about the original music's function in the society it was and is a living part of, and the adapted version Hiorth presents is exciting in itself and curiosity-provoking in relation to this musical heritage of the world.


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