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German Jazztalents

Giving German jazz talents a fair chance against the international competition and the recognition they deserved, ACT launched the ‘Young German Jazz’ series in 2005. Its success so far speaks for itself; Jan Zehrfeld’s ‘Panzerballett’ has gained many fans both in and out of the usual jazz circles with their cool combination of jazz and heavy metal. The spectacular trumpeter Matthias Schriefl, the unique singer Michael Schiefel (with JazzIndeed), the inventive pianist Carsten Daerr and the fresh, sophisticated and mature sibling duo Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr are examples of these wild young artists, who rank among the best of their kind in the country. The series was a hit right from the start, as Michael Wollny and the trio [em] made their international breakthrough. Looking around in Germany, one can rest assured that further success stories are sure to follow: Bright prospects - Young G


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