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Tour Dates

2/7   Sonic Codex orchestra, Kongsberg jazzfestival, Norway
5/7 with Jon Hassell, Roskilde, Denmark
8/7 with Nils Petter Molvaer, Warzaw, Poland
9/7 with Martrux "about silent way" Pomigliano, Italy
10/7 with Sonic Codex Quartet (trio plus Kornstad) Pomigliano, Italy
12/7 with Arve Henriksen, Molde, Norway
14/7 with Jon Hassell, Stockholm, Sweden
12/8 Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex, Time in Jazz,  Berchidda, Sardinia, Italy
14/8 Duo with Roberto Cecchetto, Time in Jazz Berchidda, Sardinia, Italy
15/8 Sonic Codex Orchestra, Oslo Jazzfestival, Victoria scene
27/8 Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex Leipzig TBC
29/8 Sonic Codex Orchestra, Saalfelden, Austria
3/9 Punkt festival, Kristiansand
4/9 Punkt festival, Kristiansand
5/9 Punkt festival, Kristiansand
September Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex tour in Japan - CANCELLED
20/10 - 31/10 Eivind Aarset Sonic Codex UK tour
January 2010 tour in Germany/Austria/Switzerland TBC
Late January or february 2010 tour in Italy TBC


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