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Gigafon Updating to 24Bit!

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2012-04-21 Camilo Rodriguez

Hi Bugge, It's great that you have the 24Bit audio quality option, but a 16Bit download option seems to be absent. Is it possible to download Gigafon albums in 16Bit CD quality audio files? I'm interested in "Voxpheria", "Monsters and Puppets" and "Numb, Numbers" albums. Thanks for your help Camilo

2012-05-13 bugge

Hi Camillo. We only offer Gigafons catalogue in 24bit so far. You may visit theyre own page. best buge

2013-04-11 bceaSqQctqPOcbojRKS

Essays like this are so important to braoedinng people's horizons.

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