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My new Album - Songs

Got incredible response on my new album Songs. Personal interpretations of my favourite Jazz Standars. All solo Piano.


Album Out now on Gube in CD Quality for a Norwegian Audience.

Album will be out worldwide on Gube in 24Bit96Khz Soundquality at a special price from Thursday 8.Dec

Read my Linearnotes here..


I love jazz! Growing up, listening to my father's records I have,  since the age of 8, been playing and trying to learn this music. Firstly, on our old home piano; later, pretending to be Jimmy Smith on my Yamaha Electone Organ (including the silliest electronic rhythmbox ever created). Later, using Fender Rhodes and Synth, and, finally, in my daily rehearsals on the piano I was able to buy at the age of 22.


So why did I never perform this music in concert?


Well... There have been so many interpretations of these beautiful songs. Fantastic versions by fantastic performers. Bill Evans, Errol Garner, Art Tatum, Oscar Peterson, Ray Charles, Keith Jarrett - to just name a genius or two. Likewise, there have been some horrible, destructive versions,  showing off skills in a meaningless, obscure, imaginary competition.


After all those years spending daily hours playing with and around this fantastic song material, I finally felt my versions were personal enough to be recorded, with respect, appreciation and gratitude for those wonderfully beautiful songs!


Bugge Wesseltoft

November 2011


Comments (41)

2011-12-05 Trane

Det er mandag 5.desember nå ? Vente helt til etter jobb i morgen ? Ser frem til pianosanger i 24-96 ;-)

2011-12-05 bugge

Hi. Out for download in CD Quality now. Release in 24Bit96 Thursday 8. sorry for taking too long time!

2011-12-12 Jasper

will this be available on vinyl (preferrably in Germany) at any time?

2011-12-13 bugge

Hi Jasper. I doubt that it will come out on Vinyl. I also enjoy Vinyl but in my opinion 24bit96khz sounds way better.. Thanks for visiting us!

2012-03-16 Patricia

Hallo Bugge, lokking forward seeing you in Berlin (Babylon) I would like to ask if there will be a possibility for a kind of a "meet and greet". Would like to introduce you to my son Moses 13, who wants to become a jazz pianist by himself - so maybe you got time for a small talk after your concert? This would be very great cause Moses is already young student here at the Jazz Institute in Berlin but he is missing the connection between old and new Jazz Songs and Styles and you are the one at the moment - like a bridge easy to cross... Patricia

2012-03-30 bugge

Hi PAtricia. Of course I will meet your son. Just come and say hi:)

2012-07-06 Berit Nordgarden

Hei Bugge! Ofte om morgenen setter jeg på Songs, og jeg og min 5 måneder gamle datter koser oss glugg ihjel - hvilken herlig morgenstemning du skaper for oss! Vi har det meste av musikken din, og har vært på mange konserter - jeg gleder meg til neste gang. Da du på julekonserten i fjor sa at det er helt greit om vi sovner, da la jeg hodet tilbake, lukket øynene og smilte og nøt hvert sekund (jeg sovnet ikke :-). Tusen takk for all den herlige musikken! Hilsen Berit

2012-08-04 bugge

Hei Berit. Takk for hyggelige ord! Topp at noen får noe ut a min musikk. beste hilsen bugge

2012-10-13 Iris

Just discoverd your music, it think it is a fantastic fusion of styles. I am absolutely the worst musician ever, that's why I love listening to your music. For non-musical human beings like me it is a pleasure to hear the music we wanted to play ourselves ;) done by someone who does has this talent. Enough compliments; when will you be in Rotterdam for a concert? Grtz, Iris

2012-12-02 Margaretha Finseth

Hei'sann! Er utrolig betatt av musikken din! Har nylig kommet over Vienna2004 med Dhafer Yossef (youtube) – som jeg faktisk hører mye på, men har aldri hørt dere sammen. Nå er jeg fullstendig bergtatt! Har sjekket om konserten er på Spotify. Der finner jeg ingenting. Så spørsmålet er da om det fins konsertopptak på CD? Hilsen Magga2You – som håper…

2012-12-29 Bugge Wesseltoft

Hei Magga. Hyggelig å høre fra deg! Konsertopptaket fra Montreux 2004 sammen med Dhafer finnes på en New Conception of Jazz Boxset som kom ut for noen år siden. Dhafer er også med på min plate Filming (2004) og jeg spiller på hans Electric Sufi. beste hilsen bugge

2012-12-29 bugge Wesseltoft

Hi Iris Actually I played in Rdam mid October. Great venue by the bew harbour area. Hope to be back soon! thanks for liking my music! Bugge

2013-10-06 Anna

Sitting at your solo concert in Kiev, overwhelmed with the beauty of music and your talent.. Thank you..

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