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Finest new music at Gube!

Get the finest music and sound quality at Gubemusic!

For 6 years now we have been one of the few places in the world offering real sound for listeners. And still is! grazy..

Where is major record business? No will to spend money offering quality.. Makes me sad.

I have personally built gubemusic desiring to offer only the best in sound to all our dedicated listeners. So does dedicated labels like Ecm,Act, 2L,Ozella,Edition,Hubro,Jazzland and more.

Working alone Gube is small but still remaining! Great thing is sales growing every month as new people are discovering our service. Thanks to everyone visiting and sharing Gube!! Makes me proud!


Here are wonderful new releases end of September:


Live(24Bit) - Nik Bärtsch's Ronin

Niks superb Ronin still developing his music. Such and important person to european new jazz!


Swept Away(24Bit96Khz)

Marc Johnson, Eliane Elias, Joey Baron & Joe Lovano

Beautiful borderless music



Quiet Winter Night (24Bit96Khz)  - Hoff Ensemble

Best sound available from 2L label!

Jan Gunnar features Mathias Eick, Arild Andersen, Anbjørg Lien and more in this warmhearted Nordicstyle Jazz release.

The View Was All In Lines (24Bit96Khz) - Kenneth Karlsson

Contemporary pianist Kenneth (Cikada). Go check out some new intersting music!



Mari Kvien Brunvoll - Mari Kvien Brunvoll

Im so happy for the debut album of perhaps the most talented and special young norwegian voacilst this year. Mari Kvien Brunvoll.Sitting alone on stage she leaves noone untouched creating soundscapes, rythms, vocal harmonies and beautiful melodies only with her voice.


Rune Grammofon

The Matriarch And The Wrong Kind Of Flowers

Stian Westerhus

Norways new leading guitarist proves his unique style beeing way ahead of most of us. experimental, hardcore sounding but still soo beautiful listening to! Jimi Hendrix plays lullabies sounding.


Salmesykkel (24Bit96Khz) - Moskus

My favourite debutband this year! Moskus (Anja, Fredrik and Hans)

renews the pianotrio with such a fresh heartfelt playing. They seem to enjoy so much on stage. We do to!

Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Og så kom resten av livet (24Bit96khz) - Kari Bremnes

Karis latest release, amazingly warm as always with her voice and lyrics reaching straight in to your soul. Alsoone of the first 24Bit release from wonderful label Kirkelig Kulturverksted. More 24 bits to come very soon!

There has been some commenting on pricings for Ecm 24Bit Doublealbums. This is Manfred Eichers wish that we of course respect fully. But yes.. It is expencive:)

Manfred and soon more of us are withdrawing our material from various streaming services. Streaming works mainy for mainstream music and huge catalogues allready out for years. By no way for independent smal quality music labels. Would like to raise a debate on this issue. Listeners, artists and labels perspectives. Gube will soon release streaming of all Gube purhcased music in Flac quality.

Thanks for visiting us!



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