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Olga Konkova

Russina born, living in Norway, Olga Konkova is one of the finest pianists over here. Totally musical, playing bebop or contemporary jazz, Always searching for her own voice.

Olga Konkova Return Journey (Solo piano)
Olga Konkova was born in Moscow 1969. She started her music education in her hometown
and later at Berklee in Boston. She moved to Oslo in 1994.  Her fi rst CD release is “Flow” 1997,
on The Norwegian Curling Legs label.  Then she had three releases in a row on The English
Candid label: “Her Point Of View” 1991, Northern Crossing” 2001, “Some Things From Home”
2001.  Together with Per Mathisen she released “Unbound” in 2006, on The Austrian Alessa
label.  In 2009, she released a CD with solo piano improvisations with music inspired by Joni
Mitchell on The Swedish Caprice label.

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