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Rolf Lislevand

Lislevand, who was born in Oslo in 1961, knows what he's talking about. Since 1993 he has been professor of lute and historical performance practice at the Trossingen School of Music. He painstakingly analyses all available sources on the works and their proper performance. Yet he feels that research provides only the basic groundwork for a meaningful performance in which historical techniques are creatively updated. „To my way of thinking, reconstructions are fairly boring. Do we really want to pretend that nothing happened in music between 1550 and today? I think that would be intellectually dishonest. And the notion that people did not deal freely with their feelings until today is not only naive but arrogant.“

Rolf Lislevand studied classical guitar at Norway's State Academy of Music, after which he studied with Hopkinson Smith and Eugène Dubois at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. In the late 1980s he joined Jordi Savall's groups Hespèrion XX, La Capella Reial de Catalunya and Concert des Nations. He has received many international awards for his solo recordings.

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