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Kaizers Orchestra

Kaizers Orchestra is a six piece, hard-hitting, alternative rock band from Norway. The band draws inspiration from all kinds of musical genres, and their reputation as one of the most exciting and energetic live acts on the planet stands undisputed by those who have seen them unravel on stage. A hard working gang who has had the privilege of spilling blood, sweat and catchy songs on big and small crowds through more than 500 shows all over Europe the past eight years, all in norwegian too!

The band was founded in the year 2000, right after the members had partied like it was 1999, at a time when people thought the world was going under and stacked canned food in their basement and sealed their windows in fear of computer breakdowns and killer bees from Australia. Kaizers Orchestra absorbed the anxiety and the populations massive fear of the breakdown of civilisations, blended it with the pounding of empty norwegian oilbarrels, and just came blasting out of the cellar sounding like nothing else on the planet. These guys are not guilty for having put the ”b” in subtle, to put it that way, and you may have to have seen the Kaizers live to understand what that actually means, or you might not even know then, which is fine too.

The  four studioalbums the band has produced presents a huge variety of songs, ever changing moods, smooth grooves, disharmonic noises, exhausting gypsy songs, catchy rock songs and just plain beautiful tunes. It’s all in there, man.

So go on, go get the Kaizer-virus while there is still no antidote, it’s more fun that way!

Artist blog

European tour coming up!


This spring Kaizers Orchestra will finally be going on tour abroad again! Except for the biz convention Eurosonic in The Netherlands in January this year, and also one summer festival in Denmark last year, the band has not performed on foreign soil since December 2008. It's about time to reclaim "kontroll på kontinentet", so to speak!

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