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Fred Frith

Composer, improviser and multi-instrumentalist, has situated himself for more than thirty years in the area where rock music and new music meet.
Co-founder of the British underground band Henry Cow (1968-78), he moved to New York in the late seventies and came into contact with many of the musicians with whom he's since been associated, including, for example, John Zorn, Ikue Mori, Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins, and Bob Ostertag

"In more than twenty years of recordings and performances, Fred Frith has become something of an icon in avant-garde music. The eccentric guitarist may be neither as fashionable as John Zorn...nor as seminal as AMM.., but his perpetual musical motion has scraped across a good portion of the cutting-edge scenes around the globe."
Derk Richardson (SF Bay Guardian) (USA)

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