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Albums by Greta Aagre & Erik Honoré

Greta Aagre , Erik Honorë

Born in the United States to Norwegian parents, Aagre grew up in Grimstad near Kristiansand, where she met Honoré when both were active in the local music scene of the 1980s/90s. In addition to contributing to various albums as a singer, Aagre has been active in bands, cabarets and other stage work, with her interpretations of Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel's music garnering particular acclaim. Since moving to Oslo, where she studied music therapy at the Music Academy, Aagre continues to work in that field in the Norwegian capital, focusing on therapeutic improvisation. All of these experiences coalesce on Year of the Bullet, where her subtle yet broadly expressive voice is fundamental to songs ranging from the folk-like "Rope" to the ambient-pop of "Stateline," in addition to co-composing the brooding opener, "Birth Mark," and the propulsive yet somehow gentle electro-pop of "Stay the Course," together with Honoré.


Honoré - a published novelist who has composed the majority of Year of the Bullet's music and all its lyrics - has honed a seamless vernacular and working process with Aagre that underscores the organic integration of acoustic instrumentation with Year of the Bullet's more electro-centric audioscapes. "Greta and I have found a way to truly collaborate and co-produce, instead of dividing tasks between us," says Honoré. "We’ve developed a language that enables us to bounce ideas off one another and critique the other person’s contributions, and that has been very helpful to the whole process."

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