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Terje Isungset

Norwegian percussionist Terje Isungset has for years used a variety of organic sound elements in creating music and instruments. He has incorporated the sound of naturally found wood, stone, metal objects, and industrial machines and processes in the creation of musical works. Utilizing ice as a source of sound has long been a dream of his, and in year 2000 a serious opportinty came along to explore this possibility. He was commisioned the create a performance piece and composition incorporating the live sound of water beneath a natural frozen waterfall at the 2000 Lillehammer Winter Festival, at minus 15°C degrees and with Palle Mikkelborg og Lena Willemark as participating musicians. (the consert was televised in Norway). This was likely the first public concert ever combining instruments of ice with traditional musical instruments. While making preparations for the Lillehammer concert, Isungset was contacted to help create Swedens contribution to the worldwide televised New Years Day Millenium Celebration . In cooperation with sculptor Bengt Carling, Isungset created a set of ice percussion instruments that were played for the whole world to see and hear.

The sonic qualities of ice turned out to be so fantastic that Terje decided to start working on a CD recording with ice instruments. He wanted to expand beyond ice percussion, and had ideas for ice "brass" and string instruments. Recording conditions would have to be extreme, because the fragile ice instruments are very quiet and also prone to temperature damage.


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Meet the icicle orchestra.Pioneering percussionist Terje Isungset plays instruments made from a 2,500 year old glacier; 'the instruments belong to nature'.