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Lars Horntveth

Lars Horntveth is the songwriter and musical leader of Norwegian 10 piece Jaga Jazzist who are signed to Ninja Tune/Smalltown Supersound. Horntveth released his solo debut album Pooka in 2004, and album that was met with massive acclaim from music critics all over the world. Pooka is an instrumental pop album, and although it might have things in common with the electronica genre, all the music was recorded live in the studio and, with the exception of the programmed beats, nothing is played on computers. The music was scored on paper. Most instruments are played by Horntveth himself, except for the string parts which are played by a 9 piece string orchestran and conducted by Horntveth. The album was recorded in Duper Studios in Bergen, and is produced by Jørgen Træen (aka Sir Dupermann). Træen is also known for superb productions for Magnet (Ultimate Dilemma), Jaga Jazzist, Ralph Meyers and the Jack Herren Band (Emperor Norton) and Sondre Lerche (Source). With Pooka Horntveth has created his own unique sound universe, and the Pooka universe doesn`t sound like anything else, although one might trace Horntveth`s fascination for the soundworld of artists such as Charles Mingus, Robert Wyatt, Radiohead, Gil Evans, Bjørk, Cornelius, Kronos Quartet and early Tom Waits. There is something cinematic, nostalgic, mysterious and dreamy about Pooka, and its not without reason the album has borrowed its title from the pooka character from 1950`s “Harvey” film (directed by Henry Koster), starring James Stewart. Horntveth is something of a musical genious, his musical skills are self taught. And although he is only 23 years old, he has released 4 albums with Jaga Jazzist (the first was released when he was only 15 years old). He has also written music for many of Norways most popular bands such as Turbonegro (among others the strings on “Fuck The World”) and Motorpsycho.