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Per Martinsen is an artist/producer who was born in the town of Tromsø in the far north of Norway.

Since the late eighties he has released records under a long list of names, such as Mental Overdrive, Illumination/Chilluminati (with Nick Sillitoe), The Gruesome Twosome (with Samy Birnbach), Syamese, Confusion Club and so on - as well as a wide range of remixes of other artists.

His most recent projects include collaborating with Miss Aggie Peterson, recording as Frost. 

He also handles the management of The Hex Pistols in addition to running his label, Love OD Communications.

After years of feeling pressure building up to stray from the path of “faceless techno bollocks”, the new Mental Overdrive EP is outing Per Martinsen’s “real” persona for once. According to F. David Peat, author of the book “Blackfoot physics”, American Native cultures often accept more flux when it comes to allowing people to change their personalities without further critisism from their surroundings.

But as this seems to cater for a rather serious problem for institutions in our Western society, such as the music industry and the music media (or even the majority of the record-buyers)  Love OD Communications have now accepted the importance of determining personality in connection with musical output – something that is symbolized in the use of Per Martinsen’s portrait on the sleeve, and by calling the record the “Me EP”.

This new direction is a gesture to show our willingness to adapt to the expectations of the public opinion. Where we blindly believed music functioned as a carrier of it’s own strong content, we have learned that it is not so indeed.

If it is the public opinion that Mental Overdrive’s new direction should utilize known “adaptation tricks” such as live shows in a “rock stylee” (with a rather strong density of pyrotechnics), or other well-working clichees that would function as a catalyst to further expand the importance of Mental Overdrive’s musical content, we kindly ask you to send us an email or two.

After all this is said, it should be made clear that the correct way of addressing Mr. Martinsen in or out of the context of Mental Overdrive, changes with the country he is referred to within (see. table 1).

Table 1)
Norway:   Per Martinsen
Sweden:   Pär Martinsson
Spain:      Pedro Martinéz
Holland:    Pieter Martens
France:     Pierre Martin
UK&US:    Peter Martin
Poland:     Pjotr Martinski
Italy:        Pietro Martini
Iceland:    Pedur Martinns
Finland:    Pekka Martinius
Ireland:   Peadar O'Mairtín
Russia:    Pyotr Martynov (Петр Мартынов)

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