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The trio Lekverk presents fresh and seriously playful Swedish jazz, with their debut album 21st
Century Jump.

Lekverk’s music combines an appealing groove with lyrical beauty, embedded in a playfulness
that makes anything possible. They have found that their music may influence an audience in
the following ways: produce a sparkling sensation, have a soothing effect when stressed, and
often create a sudden urge in you to join in and play on whatever you may find lying around.

The character of their music is not easily described in words. Mere facts about the members
may help, like them all being awarded prestigious Swedish jazz prizes (Putte has even won
a Danish Jazz Grammy award), that some of the other bands they play with include world
renowned Bobo Stenson Trio, The Stoner, Anagram, Sekten, Fattigfolket, and Yun Kan 5, and
that many of their concerts over the last few years have ended in an almost chaotic euphoria...
but these interesting facts just aren’t enough to accurately describe their sound.

To experience it for yourself, we recommend listening to the CD or going online to!

Lekverk live from Parallell Labelnight at Victoria Jazzclub in Oslo. Hillariously Funny
Lekverk live from Glen Miller Cafe- Stockholm

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