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Peloton is an electro-acoustic quintet that through their unique expression has gained international recognition. Peloton plays original compositions founded on improvisation. Peloton was founded in 2004, and has toured clubs and festivals in Scandinavia to very good response. Their debut CD from 2007 has been critically acclaimed and played on radio in Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, England, Portugal, Greece, USA, Australia and Colombia.

Karl Strømme - trumpet, synth

Hallvard Godal - saxophone

Petter Vågan - guitar, lapsteel

Steinar Nickelsen - oberheim, arp, moog

Erik Nylander - drums

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“ Peloton refuses to be pinned down by genre.” “..create their own sound: a groovy space-age jazz with the simultaneously futuristic and anachronistic Moog taking a crucial role in the band's architecture of sound. What matters is also that the band not only manages to combine the different sounds into a whole but also slides convincingly between moods, thus being able to shift from the energetic groove and soaring trumpet of "Nozal" to the ethereal, low-key ballad "Munoz." Read more