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Helge Sunde

Young brave composer using his jazz background in groundbreaking orchestral music. working also with "Ensemble Denada"

I was born 9.6.1965, and started imideately to make strange sounds, something I continued doing during my childhood days in Stryn, from the age of 8 mostly through pieces of metal, mainly a trombone.
So, one thing led to another and I ended up with a master degree in composition from The Norwegian State Academy of Music (1995), after studying with Olav Anton Thommessen, Bjørn Kruse, Lasse Thoresen and Alfred Janson a.o.

Some recordings:

2009: "Finding Nymo" (ACT)
2006: "Rotations" NorwegianRadioOrchestra a.o. (Aurora)
2006: "Denada" Norske Store (ACT) "Spellemann" nomination
2004: "NoNetwork" Sharp Nine (RealRecords) "Spellemann" nomination
2002: "SecondTale" SaxofonConcentus (Simax)
2001: "21 Marches for the 21.century" (Simax)
2000: "Remembrance" (Simax)
1996: "LIVE-ANNO96" Oslo GrooveCompany (GrooveRecords)
1995: "AbsolutePlingPlong" (Hemera)
1992: "ANNO92" Oslo GrooveCompany (GrooveRecords)
1990: "ANNO90" Oslo GrooveCompany (GrooveRecords) "Spellemann"JazzAward


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