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Knut Reiersrud

One of the most talented, openminded crossover guitarists there is in music today. Blues meets traditional and world. Check It Out!

Knut Reiersrud

Reiersrud's unique talent shines out through all this versatility. In some inexplicable way, he creates an aura around the notes that is pure Reiersrud, whether he is playing African, Indian, Norwegian or American folk music, whether he dwells sobbingly, dances with cat's paw virtuosity over the strings or is downright noisy. It sometimes sounds as though he is giving birth to the notes right there and then, possibly as a result of his never using a plectrum because he wants to be close to the strings. His playing seems to find the essence; it evidences fundamentality, understanding and a sense of origin. All this is due to his insatiable curiosity and enviable openness. On the other hand, he can also be surprisingly conventional, as when he maintains that modern blues consists of good and less good copies of the great masters.

The blues were his entrée to an unusually varied career, difficult to define but undoubtedly that of an innovative stylist. With the Four Roosters, he recorded Rooster Blues in '82. The following year he jammed with several of his idols in the immortal Chess Studios in Chicago. That was the beginning of the Chicago Blues Meeting group, which released Snake in My Bedroom in '88. During that period, Knut Reiersrud was a concert attraction and a public favourite. In beret, check jacket and extra long guitar wire, he spent much of his time at overheated concerts dancing with the audience while impeccably performing solo after solo on guitar or harmonica. In actual fact, he was a down-to-earth student who financed his studies by playing the clubs. When he discovered that he was a member of six different bands at the same time and was due to take an exam in Kant's moral philosophy, he finally realized that he was a musician.

The advantage and disadvantage of being such a specialized musician in such a small environment as Norway is that you have to go out and play to make a living. Reiersrud became, and still is, a favourite studio musician and has always spent a lot of time on the road. He believes he is lucky to be able to play with so many good guitarists better than himself and will never stop learning. He has worked with many different stylists, such as Buddy Guy, Dr. John, Joe Cocker, Rick Danko, Sultan Kahn, Stevie Ray Vaughn, David Lindley, the Five Blind Boys of Alabama and El Subramanian. He has also delved into Norwegian folk music in an unusual combination with Iver Kleive's church organ.

Their cooperation resulted in Blå koral (Blue Chorale, '91) and Himmelskip (Heavenly Ship, '92), both of them milestones and works of reference in terms of genre, musical potential and recording technique. Blå koral contains Norwegian folk music and hymns recorded directly on a master tape in St. Knud's Cathedral in Odense, Denmark, at dead of night to avoid background noise. They also had to stop playing before the church bells rang every hour.

On the follow-up record in the same place, also at night five years later, they further developed the interface between European church music and folk music in cooperation with Danish folk singer Povl Dissing. Neither Christians nor non-Christians had ever heard hymns and folk songs performed like that before. When the guitarist and organist toured the churches, they caused mass migrations the like of which had only previously been seen at Christmas and Easter. Music was suddenly back in its origins, practical church music reinforcing a message and providing solace and strength for the congregation.


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