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Albums by Nickelsen Stromme Nylander

Nickelsen Stromme Nylander

This band took shape in the recoringstudio where the musicians met without any special idea or intension. CD release was not in mind. The focus was to use the three instruments to play any kind of music, that felt natural at the moment. This created a big freedom for what was accepted to play.The recordings come from 3 different sessions. Most of the tracks are improvised at the spot, but includes also composistions written by Strømme and Nickelsen. The Oberheim OB-X synthesizer from 1980 makes a big contribution to the sound of the band, and was important for how the music itself developed as well as giving ideas to the cover artwork and names for the tunes. Trumpeter Stømme use of another synth to double his trumpet lines also adds to the trio unique sound.



Karl Stømme                    - Trumpet, Synth

Steinar Nickelsen          - Oberheim OB-X synthesizer

Erik Nylander                     - Drums


2009 Parallell


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