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Albums by Two Sounds Ensemble

Two Sounds Ensemble

Joakim Simonsson & Stefan Wistrand

Two Sounds Ensemble came into existence around autumn 2002 with the idea of playing jazz standards, but from the first sprung notes all tunes were laid aside in favour of pure improvisation. Since then the duo has followed their chosen path and always begun in the unmade and concluded in the unfinished. A figuring out of the music by Two Sounds Ensemble yields lines leading to jazz and free improvisation, while other timbres give way to a near neo-classical reference, all melted together in the final mix.

"Found You Recordings has in short time become a company to reckon with. The small but exciting catalogue is expanded here with the CD Fictions by the duo Two Sounds Ensemble - Stefan Wistrand bass clarinet and Joakim Simonsson piano. The CD is one of this Spring’s real peaks! Two Sounds Ensemble plays unobtrusive improvisational music with features of modern classical music. I believe it is the quiet intensity and the highly developed interaction that makes the music captures me. The free interplay is never permitted to loose contours or be evasive, but is rather succinct and concentrated, one succeeds actually to capture nine improvised pieces in 35 minutes. The last track of the CD, E, is a relentlessly escalating sound hurricane (a companion - but in the shape of a duo - to the Beatles massively symphonic A day in the life). Upon such an ending, just as unexpected as vibrating, there is nothing to add." -OJ

"Man skulle kunna dela upp frijazz i två kategorier: den som man hör och sedan glömmer, och den som fortsätter att hemsöka en efter lyssningen. Vad den senare äger är notoriskt svårbeskrivet, en sorts identitet. Basklarinettisten Stefan Wistrand och pianisten Joakim Simonssons andra duoskiva har just det där.
Det improviserade samspelet letar sig fram i ett helt fritt (om än inte sällan tonalt) tonspråk – men blir aldrig slutet, otillgängligt. Motiven är framväxande men inte splittrade, stundtals abstrakta men alltid stringenta. Med små medel, och en sparsmakad akustisk klang som ibland förvrängs av diverse effekter, skapar duon något så ovanligt som ett verkligt formmedvetet ögonblicksverk."

- Magnus Bremmer, Svenska Dagbladet (5 of 6)

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