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Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft

Norwegian duo Sidsel Endresen - vocals and Bugge Wesseltoft - Piano, synthesizer and percussion. Worked together since 1993. Blending free improvised and experimental music with their very personal interpretations of famous songs. Like "50 ways to leave your lover" by Paul Simon(Duplex Ride-98), "Birds" by Neil Young (Out here in there - 2001) and "Lady´s a tramp" by rogers and hart (Nightsong-93).

Sidsel & Bugge Duo is the latest instalment documenting the astonishing musical empathy between singer Sidsel Endresen and keyboard wizard Bugge Wesseltoft. This state-of-the-art union between singer and accompanist sees two master musicians creating music in the moment. Theirs is a total music situation - who can say where the song ends and the accompaniment begins? Each becomes the other, a pulsing of one heartbeat as words and music are shaped by a cross flow of impulses woven into a complete whole the moment they are flung into space.

Sidsel & Bugge - Out here in there (2001)

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