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Mari Boine

Mari Boine was born on November 8th 1956 in Gámehisnjárga by Karasjok. Educated teacher from the Regional College in Alta. Full-time musician since 1985. Her debut album Jaskatvuoda manna came in 1985, her breakthrough came in 1989 with Gula Gula .

Music can touch on strings you might not know you had. It can provide meaning, but it can also create moments which cant be defined. Moments which go to your core, that touch some sort of primal instinct, and that put you in a trancelike condition. Music can confuse you. But it can also make you feel happy, uplifted or enriched. And maybe even more whole.

Mari Boines music has this effect. You cant leave a meeting with Mari and her music untouched. That is, if you dare to let her get close.
Her music is actually simple. It is in the meeting between the songs, her voice and the musicians in the band that it gains strength. And in the interaction with the listener, because you must meet Maris music with an open mind. If you dont give of yourself, you might not discover the wealth she has to offer.

Because Mari is exceptional. She is an artist who is difficult to categorize. Perhaps shes a Sámi artist, perhaps shes a practitioner of world music. Perhaps she makes music in the borderline between Sámi, other folk music, jazz and rock. Perhaps shes the sum of all this. Or perhaps shes just herself. A musician, singer and artist whos making her own mark. Who has gone down a road where she hasnt always seen the destination. And who is still travelling.

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