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Albums by Heinz Sauer, Michael Wollny

Heinz Sauer, Michael Wollny

Saxophonist Heinz Sauer, himself one of the great individualists in European jazz, is excited about the young man at the piano, and invites him to play with the Heinz-Sauer-Sextet at the 32nd German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt. Although seventy-something Sauer could easily pass as Wollny’s grandfather, the musicians communicate as if there were no such thing as a generation gap, as Wollny’s explains: “Heinz in no way tries to establish his thing. He brings a musical idea with him, and then he waits for what comes back. If you face a challenge like this as a musician, then it’s no student-teacher relationship, although I see it as a great honour to be able to play with him.” The attentive interplay of the two musicians is worth noting. Their first album Melancholia (ACT 9433-2) received the Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik in 2005, they then travelled to Oslo to record the 2006 follow up album Certain Beauty (ACT 9442-2) at the Rainbow studio with ECM legend Jan Erik Kongshaug, the engineer who is responsible for Keith Jarrett’s piano sound. Rave reviews abound, and the French magazine JAZZMAN presents the duo with the distinguished “CHOC“ for the album of the year 2006.