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Sarah Riedel

Sarah Riedel is characteristic; thought-out, elegant and emotional. With a reflecting voice, a lingering frasing and a natural diction her songs seem to float in the direction of the listener. The refined arrangements for string quartett and jazz trio gets a hold in every context and becomes an engulfing whole for the listener; a world full of detail in wich the musicians sensitively approaches the very essence of the music. Sarah Riedel lets the lyrics come out and leave their mark on the music; the poetic and the bizzare provides this cd with both character and strength.

Sarah Riedel has for some years now gotten much attention as a
singer. In February she was nominated for the Swedish Radio’s
prestigious Jazzkatten-award. She was Grammy nominated in
Sweden for her participation on the jazz album Hemligheter på
vägen and was awarded the Sten A Ohlsson cultural grant in 2008.
Audience and critics have given her unified praise and the reception
has also been very favorable internationally; she has toured countrys
such as Japan, Belgium and Finland.

April 13 2010 Sarah Riedels debut album consisting of solely
original material will be released. Sarah has done it brilliantly;
the music, sometimes beautiful, sometimes bold and tense, is
very current. Memories of a lost Lane holds great expectations; this
detailed album speaks strongly for that Sarah Riedel, with her
natural presence on stage and her musical integrity, will go far.

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Västerbottenskuriren Oct 2009:

"Close to the essence of music Sarah Riedel allows the lyrics to leave their mark on the music, which, due to superb comp musicians, is afforded both character and strength. Read more

22 Feb-2010 21:06 RELEASE!

We are now booking the release tour for Sarah Riedel - Timeline "Memories of a lost Lane". 13/4@STRAND - welcome!!!! Read more

26 Feb-2010 08:40 JAZZKATT!

26 Feb-2010 08:40 JAZZKATT! Sarah Riedel is nominated for a the Swedish Jazz price Jazzkatten! Read more