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Neofobic was born in freedom. Two days of entirely improvised material melted into organic compositions reminiscent a soundtrack of a mime motion picture or a cubist painting. With solid acoustic ground and vivid live sampling the music morphs between serene ambient and abstract jazz scenes with no fear of eclectics.

Bulgarian pianist/composer Dimitar Bodurov has resided in The Netherlands in 2000 and has already established artistic presence. Having both firm classical and jazz background Bodurov has received recognition with utilizing Bulgarian folklore. His musical scope omits the necessity of commitment to a particular style or genre and rather search for possible correlation of musical ideas. As a pianist Dimitar has won several jazz awards. As a composer he has written mostly chamber works including commissions for Gergiev Festival Rotterdam, Sofia Music Weeks International Festival, Musique Classique Amiens, Leine Roebana Dance Group Amsterdam.

Grounded in jazz and improvised music Jens Dueppe has absorbed the essence of various musical styles and turned them into an intuitive and authentic way of drumming. 

Interested in any kind of sound- producing sources, he enriches his performances by self-designed percussion instruments.

Jens has worked with artists such as German trombone player Albert Mangelsdorff, British avant-gard composer Django Bates 

and veteran saxophone player Charlie Mariano.

He has recorded more than 50 CDs with leading European artists for major labels as Challenge Records, Act Music and Enja Records. 

Dueppe is also founder of Kommunikation 9 - a free improvised concert series in Cologne, Germany.