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Optical Substance

Optical Substance is the project of the musician and producer Kjetil Huseboe, a project in which he combines elements from both jazz, electronica, ambient and pop. On the new album entitled Adaptation, he has consciously sought a balance between an acoustic and an electronic sound. In the compositions we find an assembly of eclectic musical expressions that convey intense emotion both in a melodic, calm, meditative and thoughtful manner. The music has an organic character and the production is subtle.


Kjetil Huseboe is a keyboard-player and a classically trained piano-player with a background from such varied musical landscapes as:improvisation, electronica, pop, cross-over, folk and jazz. He debued with his own band; Coffee Pain at Nattjazz in Bergen in 1996 and he also wrote commissioned music to the municipality of Modalen in 1997. The same year he began to collaborate with Jigme Drupka (singer from Buthan) and he also played with Dj Erot (RIP) both in studio and on stage.
The compositions that appear on Adaptation is the result of extensive work with various
musicians who focus particularly on improvisation. The live-sampling of these musicians has
been an important basis for the creative process resulting in Adaptation. Thus, the album
contains numerous live samplings that have shaped much of the music on Adaptation. 

Improvisation has always played an important part of his piano and keyboard-playing. However, in the last years he has gradually expanded his interest into breaking down barriers between various musical expressions and applying improvisation as a tool to explore the potential that lie in using technology on stage. In 2006, he started to explore and develop live-electronics and live-sampling setups based on various software and hardware. Furthermore, he also began to play with various musicians who focus on improvisation  such as Alex Gunia, Audun Waage, Bergmund Skaslien, Li Tieqiao, Terje Evensen and many others.

In 2008, Kjetil began to work on a new album where production, programming and compositions were integrated with the last years focus on live-electronics and improvisation. In this process, he used a lot of live-samplings of musicians recorded between 2006-2008 and combined it with new recorded material, an effort which resulted in the new album entitled Adaptation which will be released on August 23rd.


2010 Optical Substance