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Jazzland Catalogue

The Mechanical Fair(24Bit)
Narrative from the Subtropics (24Bit)
Cricklewood Broadway (24Bit)
Melting sound ( 24Bit96Khz)
Here Comes Everybody
Theater Tilters Vol.2
Theater Tilters vol. 1
Retrograde (Live in Seattle)
Dreams that Went Astray
Eight Domestic Challenges


Jazzland Recordings

Jazzland Recordings is home to some of the finest and most innovative music coming out of Norway and beyond. It is a label of unexclusive opposites where the distinctions and limitations set by other labels do not apply. Read more

Year of the bullet - Greta Aagre Erik Honoré


Beautiful new album by Punkt Festival boss Erik Honoré and Greta Aagre, vocals and lyrics.

24Bit69khz of course!

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Jazzland Recordings 15 Years!



We are celebrating 15 years of releasing music we love!

From the first release 15.oct 1996 "new conception of jazz" to the two latest: Håkon Kornstad - Symphonies in my head and Stein&Maris¨s Daydream community. (These albums beeing added this week)

Two wonderful nights at Victoria Jazzzclub(Oslo) 13.-14.Oct featuring Håkon Kornstad, Stein&Maris Daydream Community(Debut!) and a special night with Jazzland Community (Ola Kvernberg, Knut Reiersrud,Bugge, Håkon Kornstad) with special guest Josemi Carmona, flamenco guitar player from Madrid.

There will be footage and video added!

As a part of our celebration and to gratitude our dedicated listeners we offer the full jazzland catalog at a special price starting today lasting til 30.oct.

Hope you will like it!


See the full Catalog here.


Warm regards Sten & Bugge


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Duo, Debutalbum for Wesseltoft Schwarz out now on Gube!


Finally we are releasing our debut album as a duo. Henrik and me started collaborating 2 years ago doing live improvisations on stage with laptop and grand piano. Hers the result of our work. I like it:)




listen here...

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The Organ Club Christmas Special

Had to share some clips from my project "The Organ Club" Live in Oslo 22.dec.

Torun Eriksen(voc) - Håkon Kornstad(sax) - Eivind Aarset(gui) - David Wallumrød(organ/clavinette) - Audun Erlien(bass) - Anders Engen(drums) and myself on hammond B3. great vibe. Clips to be found here..

Deilig Er Jorden / Cissy Strut

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Jazzland Community 2.Edition in Budapest

We had such a cool night in Budapest in November presenting The New Jazzland Community. Håkon Kornstad - Ola Kvernberg Trio - Bugge - Knut Reiersrud Live. (Hopefully coming to a place near you soon!). Thanks so much for the invitation, and also so much thanks to Gabor Dorge who recorded most of it. Love when folks put energy into capturing things like this!After our set we went to a jazzclub to see the fantastic Gabor Bolla with Robyn Lakatosh on piano and friends.They are world class Jazzplayers What a night!

Added some of Dorges videos here..

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ECM on Gubemusic

Hi. Just wanted to express my proudnes for finally beeing able to recommend ECM on Gubemusic. In my opinion ECM stands out as the most directional recordlabel in modern history with its clear sound ideals, artwork and musical awarenes. Where most other music of today will be forgotten tomorrow, ECM will remain with its timeless music all created under  supervision of Manfred Eicher. (Another label that comes to my mind projecting some of the same qualitys is Basic Channel and Maurizio, also German but at the opposite spectre of sound, Electronic Music but still with the same efforts to achieve clear directional musical ideas). Just wanted to be the first on Gubemusic to recommend 4 fantastic albums from ECM. Albums that meant so much to me in my growth as a musician. It should be no secret that ECM and Norwegian music holds strong lines, and have been growing together from the beginning. Jan Garbarek, Terje Rypdal, Arild Andersen, Jon Christensen, Jan Erik Kongshaug. All of them my heroes and my without doubt most important pathfinders, making it possible to believe in creating music out of scandinavian jazz ideals. Here the are: The 4 most influental ECM albums for me.

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Christmas Solopiano Tour

I am recording every concert of my ongoing European Christmas Solopiano Tour. Adding one track from each Concert! Giving away this album for 0.99 Euro only! Download daily updates. Great thanks to a wonderful and receptive audience so far!

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Touring Fall 2010

Updated Concert list 2010 Read more

Casablanca Soul explosion in Oslo

Had a wonderful visit from such talented Casablanca artist during Oslo World Music Festival beginning of november.. Read more

Im a guest at Latvian tv show "Nordic Style". live from buggesroom

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New York Times features Håkons new album Dwell time

2009-10-06 Håkon Kornstad
The Norwegian saxophonist Hakon Kornstad has a deeply focused tone and a dazzling command of expressive effects. He puts it all to good use on “Dwell Time” (Jazzland), his serene but potent new solo album. Recorded without overdubs in a church in Oslo, it’s a study in hazy accretion: Mr. Kornstad builds each of his tracks in real time, using electronics to layer his sounds. In addition to tenor he plays bass saxophone, flute and what he calls a flutonette (a flute with a clarinet mouthpiece), employing all manner of gentle clucks and multiphonic sighs. And while the music was composed on the spot, it often doesn’t feel that way. Some tracks, like “Oslo,” with its slow-crawling bass line, and “Streamer,” with its wakening stir, could hardly be improved with premeditation. Read more

Tour Dates September - November 09

2009-09-21 Håkon Kornstad
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The Quintet Review Read more

Tour Dates - July 2009

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Tour Dates

2009-07-02 Eivind Aarset
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Tour Dates July - November 09

2009-07-02 Torun Eriksen
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Tour Dates - July/August 09

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Beady Belle Nominated for Norwegian Grammy